ATTENTION: We have moved to new forums!

In case you missed it, our old forums were running on software that was several years old and a security risk. It wasn't possible to simply upgrade to the new forums due to the massive amount of posts (since 2006!), so we had to start fresh. However, the old forums will remain online in archival format so you can still browse for information, new posts or replies will just be turned off.

Everyone will need to register for a new account even if you had one on the old forums. Make sure you have a valid email address to activate your account with.

In a day or two we will be turning off the ability to post new messages or replies Posting to our forums has been disabled now, so I encourage you to go ahead to the new forums and get things rolling there. Remember to bookmark them as well!

NEW FORUMS ----===>>>

ATTN: Our forums have moved here! You can still read these forums but if you'd like to participate, mosey on over to the new location.

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