Anyone ever heard of this Dr./Treatment out of Italy?

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by SweetTater, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. SweetTater

    SweetTater New Member

    I just came across this on Facebook - one of the Meniere's Disease pages. It is lengthy but informative. I know alot of you will not agree with this Dr. or his treatment and I'm not trying to stir up anything, I was just wondering if anyone has heard of him or this treatment?
  2. james

    james ''Everywhere I go there I am'' GS

    Hey Elaine,
    Great to see you so to speak,was wondering how you were doing!

    I haven't heard of this doctor and didn't find the treatment.Maybe it is just a really bad translation but it is a tough read.His take on Vasopresin is where a lot of research I think is being done.

    I know the Italians are doing a lot of research with mm and mav.
    Thanks for posting this!
  3. SweetTater

    SweetTater New Member

    Hi James!
    I've been o.k.. I've had only 2 vertigo attacks this year but still have all the other unpleasant symptoms.

    Yeah - it is a little challenging trying to read since this guy is Italian, he's a little challenged with his English but I waded through it. The print is also pretty small. You can find the treatment at the top of the page on the orange bar - just click where it says The Treatment.

    I hope you are doing well.
  4. james

    james ''Everywhere I go there I am'' GS

    Glad you are doing well I am doing ok,just 3 fast spins in one day first time in 4 months!Yipee!

    I went back and found the treatment,sounds really interesting.One part is the drinking of lots of water,I know there was a Japanese study where people increased their consumption and they got better but it took a year.The otovent sounds like something June could use as she mentions Eustacian tube problems.I had never heard of it but you can get it on Amazon.

    Great to hear from you and happy you are doing well.

    Thanks again for posting this!
  5. June-

    June- New Member

    Did anyone get to the end of this article? What's the man's treatment plan ?
  6. james

    james ''Everywhere I go there I am'' GS

    Here is most of it:

    Non-pharmacological components are represented by:
    A special diet combined with a considerable water load (that means a lot of water to drink every day), since water is the main natural inhibitor of antidiuretic hormone;
    A pressure treatment using OTOVENT, a simple balloon, which, applied to the nostril allows to create a counter-pressure on the inner ear and, only in few selected patients, with the same purpose, sessions of hyperbaric therapy.

    Drugs used for the treatment are only medicaments well known and practically without side effects. They are paroxetine, L-sulpiride and clonazepam, active on central nervous system, a short course of corticosteroids, and mannitol, an osmotic diuretic administered in a particular way and not even always necessary.

    Although my treatment is certainly not able to act on any permanent damage (as no treatment could do), the therapy is certainly effective on hydrops. This means that every patient with symptoms due to hydrops who follows it perfectly as requested (and this must be stated by me and not by the patient by himself or herself! ) has always a marked improvement if not complete disappearance of symptoms.

    The therapy does not involve the purchase of any equipment or device. It is not an experimental therapy because even if significantly changed and modified over the years, it is proposed since 1998 and it was implemented on thousands and thousands of patients, without any real significant side effect or negative consequence.

    But despite all these advantages, I am, still now, the only specialist to propose it, although my colleagues, at least in Italy, are generally aware of this opportunity regularly presented on my web site, which is well known in Italy. Reading well the pages of this web site probably you have already understood why the don't even take it in account.
  7. Intrepid

    Intrepid New Member

    I like the fact that he does not say he can cure this disease.
  8. Angelea

    Angelea New Member

    What he is saying fits nicely with much of what I have been researching about ADH, etc. It comes across as very pragmatic and probably one of the few things I have seen that actually attempts to correct what might be occurring at the cellular and molecular levels.

    Good stuff, Elaine!
  9. Sholly

    Sholly New Member

    Very interesting. Wish we had some Italians on the forum who may have tried the therapy.
  10. SweetTater

    SweetTater New Member

    I was thinking the same thing.

    He claims to have tested this with success on over 16,000 patients. I found him on Facebook but it's all in Italian and I do not speak Italian but I noticed alot of activity on his page, wish I could read it!
  11. June-

    June- New Member

    I think Intrepid could help with that.
  12. Intrepid

    Intrepid New Member

    Tell me what you want translated and I will be happy to do so.

    If the doctor is on Skype and doesn't charge me for talking to him, I'll be happy to give him a call and ask him anything any of you want to know.
  13. June-

    June- New Member

    I would love to know his or anyone else's take on the difference in the condition that causes cochlear hydrops vs menieres (ie is it the location of the hydrops in the ear?) and whether in CH there is any known link to the middle ear as well.
  14. SweetTater

    SweetTater New Member

    He also talks about how stress affects ADH bringing on hydrops - here's something on one of the last pages he wrote:

    But to work properly the treatment must be followed not only perfectly, but also without any doubt about possible side effects that never have been reported. And I've treated in this way thousands of patients. Trust is essential. Without enough trust the effectiveness of therapy can be reduced because stress caused by uncertainty or indecision can raise levels of antidiuretic hormone and then hydrops. It seems a trivial matter but it is not. It 's something very different from a placebo effect.
    Don't forget that hydrops is a psychosomatic condition for which stress (specially the one resulting from indecision or fear) plays a key role.

    Here's another quote: D. Is it true that stress plays an important role?

    R. I's absolutely true. More than what you can imagine. And much more than what most of the ENTs can suspect. A patient with Meniere's disease, (but it should be for EVERY disease) requires a specialist able to treat him or her as a person and not just as a patient. And a person is not just an ear to cure but a living person.
    Meniere's disease (as every situation coming from the hydrops) is a disease with a significant psychosomatic component. Stress, particularly when you are in "stand by" situation having to take important decisions which involve you at the emotional level, and especially in individuals who hardly manage stressful situations, developing anxiety and panic, is often linked with relapses. But stress is not alone the primary casue of the disease.
    And remember that "stress" does not mean only that of psychogenic origin but also that due to wheater and temperature changes, atmospheric pressure, menstrual cycle, surgery, concurrent diseases, and so on...
    The relationship between stress and hydrops is not direct. The psychosomatic mechanism that link stress to inner ear fluids and thus recurrences is mediated by the antidiuretic hormone, which is the main target of my therapeutic approach.
    Treatment and prevention of stress for a while is a fundamental part in my treatment against hydrops.

    The article also talks about Panic Attacks. I know there's been alot of discussion here about the connection of depression/panic attacks with MM so it looks as though he is aware of that aspect and it goes as you say to the cellular/molecular level.
  15. SweetTater

    SweetTater New Member

    Well, I don't really have questions right now, what I meant is that I wish I could read all the comments on his Facebook page because it looks like there are alot of discussions going on there but since it's in Italian I can't know what is being said. I am wondering if people are commenting on the effectiveness of the treatment, etc.. It would be a good place to get feedback if one could read it.
    Thank you for the offer!
  16. Angelea

    Angelea New Member

    Hey ya all! I was just checking out this guys Facebook page as I read a little Italian (my mom is Italian) and noticed a big icon at the top of the page that said "Translate". I clicked that and the page turned to English.

    Go to Elaine's link above, then click on the Facebook icon on his web page.
  17. acujen

    acujen New Member

    Do you have to "friend" him first before you can see the translate icon?
  18. Angelea

    Angelea New Member

  19. SweetTater

    SweetTater New Member

    Oh - that's great Angelea! I didn't even notice that, that is exactly what I wanted to do so I could read some of the discussions on his page! THANKS!
  20. Angelea

    Angelea New Member

    It's not a perfect translation, kind of like speaking to someone with broken English. Lol! Some words are still in Italian.

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