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Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Kathleen, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. Kathleen

    Kathleen New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I have had chronic dizziness for three years. I have refused diagnostic testing and have been told by two physicians that my symptoms don't fit neatly into any one diagnosis.

    I am interested in Vestibular rehab and am now willing to do the testing if I absolutely have to. I am from NE GA and am trying to find the best help in Atlanta (without testing, if possible). I spoke with someone at the Atlanta Ear Clinic and she said they don't necessarily test you before starting rehab and can usually make a diagnosis by symptoms alone. I'm having a hard time getting anyone from Emory on the phone, so I'm not sure what their method of procedure is.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has had experiences with either of these places, and what their experience was like. Did your dr.'s recommend one place over the other?

    thank you for any replies!
  2. jhead

    jhead New Member

    I'm not sure about rehab, but my mother was at Emory for a few weeks. One thing you have to realize with Emory, they are a teaching hospital. In my opinion, my mother received sub standard care. There were 7 different Dr.'s giving contradicting orders. If someone had not been there with her constantly to argue the orders, I'm really not sure she would have survived. I've heard several people say great things about Emory, but I only have 2 experiences with them and both were very bad. The other was when my father had open heart surgery and they lost him coming back from recovery. We didn't know where he was for about 6 hours.

    For rehab, I'd stick with the smaller clinic. They get to know you better in smaller environments.
  3. June

    June New Member

    When you say without testing ... Have you had an mri? I think that is important to rule out a benign tumor. Even a benign tumor in the skull base can kill you.
  4. Kathleen

    Kathleen New Member


    yes I have had an mri, it came back normal. When I say testing I mean ENG, ECOG, and all inner ear testing. Thanks!
  5. Kathleen

    Kathleen New Member

    bumping my own thread . . .
  6. kay

    kay New Member

    Kathleen, may I ask why you have refused all inner ear testing? I ask because I, too, at first refused all inner ear testing. My fears of spinning and vomiting kept me from taking the tests for a long time.
  7. DizzyMel

    DizzyMel New Member

    Kathleen - the tests really were not as bad as I was lead to believe. They are time consuming (about 2-3 hours) and you will leave a tad tired - but I was sweatly palm dreading them. Not that bad at all to get a confirmed diagnosis and/or to rule out bad things.

    I will follow closely as it is possible that hubby and I will be moving back to Atlanta (my home town) but I didnt have MM when I left. I want to know who is the best there to see for this GOD AWFUL sickness. Good luck!
  8. sjwo1

    sjwo1 Hiking Utah


    I live in Cleveland Ga....about 75 miles north of Atlanta. I have gone to Emory with my MM for about 30 years. Dr Turner, then Dr Cheranko (still in practice in Atlanta), now Dr Mattox. Dr Mattox was the former head Oto (ENT) at Hopkins. Top in the field. He however primarily is the ENT and emphasis is surgical correction....balance disorders but also all head and neck surgery. He refers all his rehab and non surgical treatment of vestibular disorders to Dr Tusa head neurologist in the Emory dizzy-balance center. That is where you would probably be evaluated and rehabed if warranted. PM me if you would like some detail info on both docs. I see both but am primarily under the care of Dr Mattox since that dept has treated me all along. Emory is a TOP NOTCH major teaching school med center. That has its +'s and -'s. I can fill you in if you want. Sid.
  9. sjwo1

    sjwo1 Hiking Utah


    I forgot to say that either Dr Mattox or Dr Tusa will require extensive testing before they treat you in any way. This should be standard protocol for anywhere you go....that is important for you most of all. Many things to rule out and you cant have effective therapy of any kind unless you know what to treat. Basic stuff is MRI, ENG, blood work, hearing test, BPPV, and maybe rotary chair, VEMP, etc. Thats a first step at Emory. Once a diagnosis has been made then medical treatment including physical therapy is done depending on your situation. Some things like BPPV have a 90% cure rate with therapy at the office and home....but they need to confirm your diagnosis first. Please do not make your decision of where you go based on their willingess NOT to test first. I would never go to a doc that would treat me without testing me first. Again, PM me if you would like the inside scoop on Atlanta docs.

  10. June

    June New Member

    I wonder why you refuse testing too. It's asking the dr to just guess what is going on and guess which is the best treatment for you. And Meniere's has enough guesswork involved as is. I wouldn't want to tie one hand behind the dr's back. Test results might clue them in to what is or is not going on in your case.
  11. Kathleen

    Kathleen New Member

    Thank you for your responses. Sid, I really appreciate your input and may PM you later if I have any more questions. Thank you for the offer.

    Also, just wanted to let everyone know that I had refused testing because I'm afraid of it! I just didn't want to risk getting any sicker. However, I'm at a place now where I'm willing to try anything.


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