For those who do pray and still have active vertigo

Discussion in 'Your Religion & Spiritual Center' started by jim1884again, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. jim1884again

    jim1884again advocating baldness be recognized as a disability

    You got to go to the holy land and ride on a boat in the Sea of Galilee?!?
    I missed this post and I must have missed the posts earlier this year when I assume you talked about it.
    Bet it was a fantastic experience for you.
  2. poppaharley

    poppaharley Meniere's: God's answer to a free merry-go-round

    <<< I also have often thought that praying is best used for strength and wisdom to endure the suffering, since we know that for many, the suffering does not end. The fact that the healing does not always take place doesn't mean the praying was in vain, only that it wasn't meant to be. >>>

    I think this is the heart of it. I think many people pray when they are suffering what ever the problem is. How many have made "promises to God"........."Oh please make this better and I'll be a better person". At the risk of offending some people here, I don't buy it. I don't think anybody really has the right to be made miraculously better and to be cured. It's not much different than praying for a Porschen because you think it would make you happier. About the only thing we have a right to pray for is strength and dignity to weather the problems and suffering. Everybody has problems everyday of their life. Life is a series of good times and bad times. Some people unfortunately have more bad than good. Everybody has something that they must endure, but it's the strong ones who can endure with the most dignity and grace that help others to survive. A friend once told me, "Be extra kind to everyone you meet because everyone is suffering in some way or another and has their own cross to bear".
  3. Ringo

    Ringo New Member

    I have certainly prayed in the past too but now that I have gotten to the burn out stage ie I dont get the attackes out of the blue anymore, I constantly feel blurky every day, just depends on how blurky I end up feeling. In many ways I liked the attacks more. While I would feel revolting at the time, usually lasting up to 8 hours and off colour for a couple of days after, at least I seemed to enjoy life more and appreciate the good times. I certainly used to pray during the attacks and wished they would end. Some times they were shortened. I have people from my bible study group praying for a miracle and we are all still waiting. In some ways, the whole MD experience has challenged my faith even though I am a pastor, but, at the same time, it has helped me to identify more with those I minister to with a mental illness.
  4. Lorrie K

    Lorrie K New Member

    Ringo - I am glad I am not alone in feeling my faith challenged by menieres. At times, during the worst of it, I began to have doubts. I still do not know why I am going through this as it doesn't seem to be changing me for the better and at times I don't feel up to the challenge.
  5. AnneT

    AnneT New Member

    Yes, very challenging to faith. A few months ago, if someone wanted to pray for me, I'd say fine but it doesn't work! Now I recruit as many pray-ers as possible. When I'm "blurky" (Ringo's excellent word) praying (for myself, for others, just talking to and visualizing God with me) keeps me tethered, and perhaps inches me back from the cliff of despair a tiny bit. I also ask God, what do I need to do? What med should I try? Some Inner or Outer Wisdom sometimes comes to me.
  6. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member


    Sometimes God gives us answers we do not recognize because we are looking for something else. According to the scriptures, God's people did not recognize Jesus because they were looking for someone, or something, else. Jesus was the answer they had been looking for. So open your heart to the possibilities. All things are possible with God. Ask God through the heart for the answers. Let Him know that you will follow the answers in faith wherever they might lead you. Speak straight away, as if He is in the room, for He is. And then follow your inclinations. Once asked, God inclines the heart to act. He will incline your heart to fulfill His will for you and your life.

    God bless you.
  7. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    Anne, this is a definate challenge to one's faith, I have lost mine. I have so many questions but zero answers and Jesus is nowhere to be found, I guess if Mother Theresa list her faith in the end we all can.

    It will come back, hopefully soon.
  8. AnneT

    AnneT New Member

    thank you for kind and wise words.

    have you looked at a book called A Course in Miracles?
  9. HeadNoise

    HeadNoise Invisible Me

    The most powerful and strong people of faith have struggled along the way, questioned, doubted, raged at God. You are in good company.

    When I was in the throes of vertigo, fearing to even move, trying to not even breathe to keep from vomiting, I would pray. Not for the attack to go away, but because I knew that if everyone else forsake me, He would not. God is there, even when we don't sense it or feel it. I think when I was the sickest, I was the closest to God. Now that things are somewhat better, I have my own resources and abilities and skills to fall back on. I am not so dependent on Him just to get me through the day/hour/minute.

    If you read your Bible in the New Testament, there is a letter from James. James talks about trials and how they develop character in us (several have mentioned that here already) including patience. I hope that I am a more patient person than I was before MM. Certainly there are times when I definitely AM NOT PATIENT! But if I had not gone through these years of illness, I would not have compassion on others who are sick. I wouldn't understand or empathize with those who are chronically ill, who are disabled, who cannot work or drive, etc. So regardless of how we feel God may be responding to our prayers, or not.... He is. Maybe not the answer we had wanted at the time (others also spoke of this!) but He answers.

    Don't give up your search. Jim, don't stop trying. He hears.
  10. leviticus

    leviticus Jonah's whale

    Yes God hears our Prayers, by His Grace I have not had a vertigo attack since my trip to Israel, I still have the dizziness and the tinnitus is brutal, but I know that someday, maybe not in this body, but someday that will be healed to, today during worship service when people came up to me with prayer requests I can only hear them if they talk in my left ear, so I had to make sure I guided them that way or leaned over to them so they could speak to me, I have prayed that God would heal my earing, He may not, but I will continue to do what I can for Him. Prayer is direct communication with the God of the universe, and He is going to hear it from me until He takes me home to be with Him, I know prayer works, maybe not the way we want it, but He is listening, and answering in His own way, Thank YOU JESUS!!
  11. Titus

    Titus New Member

    AMEN, brother.
  12. GreatfulTed2

    GreatfulTed2 New Member

    I agree with some of the others I believe with all my heart that God hears our Prayers. I also believe that sometimes He answers and some time He doesn’t.
    Does prayer give comfort; I believe that depends on the individual and their relationship with God. The stronger the relationship the more likely you are to get comfort. Paul was in a Roman prison and took comfort from that fact that God was there and had a plan. The Bible says he suffered gladly for God.
    I have prayed for things and had them answered beyond my wildest dreams. I have prayed and been given peace in the storms that life throws at us. I have prayed other times and not heard a sound from God or anyone else for that matter. Could be that God has answered and I just didn’t hear or wasn’t listening.
    So many times we only go to God with a list of things we want, just like Santa at Christmas. Each year we make a list and send it to Santa and wait very impatiently for that day to get here that he answers and fulfills our wish list.
    Do we do the same with God? Take Him our wish list and then wait impatiently for Him to answer?
    What happened at Christmas when you did not get what you wanted? Were you upset and hurt because Santa did not give you everything you wanted? Do we do the same with God? Do we get upset and hurt because He did not fulfill our wish list exactly how we wanted it to?
    When God has answered a prayer for you did you thank Him for it? Did you even realize that He had answered your prayer? Just like Santa did we forget about Him until it got time to make a wish list again?
    I hope for everyone on this forum that God gives you comfort in some shape form or fashion and that He answers all of your prayers.
    If nothing else Smile, it is Friday!
  13. hollymm

    hollymm Me, 'in' a tree.

    GT2 I really like the analogy of Christmas 'lists' and Prayer 'lists'. You ask from something from Santa every year and you don't get what you asked for. What about the gifts you did get? These are the things that maybe many people don't get. God gives you what you need, not what you want...
  14. Titus

    Titus New Member

    I believe God hears my prayers. His ways and purposes are beyond our understanding. I trust He loves me and will provide for my needs. I try not to analyze God because He is.......and I am not.
  15. goofygirl

    goofygirl WDE!!!

    I had not seen this thread,glad you posted today, Titus, it was very emotional for me to read this..
    Yes, I pray during an attack..what was emotional to me was the memories of when I was first so debilitated by the original(and my most violent) vertigo attack. I was helpless for 12 hours, my husband and one of my sons,literally had to carry me to the car the next day to get me to my Dr., I had barely gotten my senses back 48 hours later, when, within 15 min of each other, we got the news that my father-in-law and my closest Uncle had passed away. We had to drive 12 hours to Houston. I spent the majority of that trip throwing up violently, and I actually fell twice trying to use the restroom on the way. By the time the whole week was over, I barely had any balance left...during the ups and downs of testing to determine my dx, things got worse and I was on a cane. The brain fog (and I didn't even know what to call it then) was also debilitating..I felt sure I had gone absolutely crazy. During this time, when I was at my worst, I literally wrote "Remember to say your prayers" and stuck it on my bedside lamp. I didn't have enough memory left to remember on my own...

    I did not above all else, want to lose God along with everything else I had lost.

    My sons played baseball in high school during this time, and Legion ball with a league in the summer. I had not missed a game in 5 attack happened in May, 3 days after their final playoff game in school ball. When I missed the first two legion games, they asked where I was. When they heard why I wasn't there, those 20 ball players,ages 15-18, held hands and prayed for a diagnosis and for God to heal me. The coach called and told me he had never in his life seen a ball team spontaneously pray for anything but a win! He wanted me to know how loved and missed I was, and how heartfelt those prayers were...Those prayers,along with others, lifted me and held me until I was diagnosed and had my first dex tx, and began to get a grip on this beast! I feel God answered those prayers by healing my mind and spirit, to better help me deal with my physical problems.

    I still have to pull out the sticky note periodically,when the brain fog kicks in; and it always brings back memories of my "babies",now grown, who prayed with all their hearts for me.

    God answers our prayers, whether it is in the way we expected or not!
  16. Titus

    Titus New Member

    Goofygirl, I'm so glad you posted. Your story and testimony are both heartbreaking and amazing. We are so blessed to have hope in God and in a future. This world is full of hardships and deep, dark valleys BUT.......we have an awesome God.

    Those boys will always remember praying for you. There is both power and peace in congregational petitions to God. Thank you for sharing.

  17. tm53

    tm53 New Member

    :) :) :)

    "God answers our prayers, whether it is in the way we expected or not!"

    He does indeed.
  18. carolyn33

    carolyn33 New Member

    Many many times if I ask for a sign from God that he hears my prayers I get MORE than one. I am blessed in my own way.
  19. SweetTater

    SweetTater New Member

    I have prayed probably during every attack I've ever had. I also find it comforting to quote scripture or just say the name of Jesus over & over, it calms me and comforts me like nothing else, doesn't stop an attack but helps me focus on something other than the attack - something that I know has the power to help me get through it.
  20. AnneT

    AnneT New Member

    Yup. Lord have mercy. Don't be afraid; god is merciful.

    Richard rohr's writings have helped me. He has a very interesting take on suffering and the contemplatve life. Google him and you can sign up for his daily email meditations. I've o ly read one of his books The Naked Now.

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