Hearing Aid and Fluctuating Loss

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by kaiguy55, May 6, 2014.

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  1. kaiguy55

    kaiguy55 New Member

    Hi All,

    Does anyone out there use a hearing aid in their MM ear/ears? I have a lot of trouble hearing speech in any kind of noise and have had some folks comment that a hearing aid helps. Nevertheless, my audiologist claims that I would need to come in and have the hearing aid tuned every time the hearing changes a bit, so I feel like she has been discouraging about pursuing an aid at this time. This confuses me because I know of people who have different programs set for differing loss and can change the volume and it seems to work well for them.

    Just wondering what others' experience was! Thanks.
  2. shartsoe

    shartsoe New Member

    I have a hearing aid in my MM ear (right) and it was the best decision I ever made. As you mentioned, I have different programs set for "good days" and "bad days." They're not perfect and could probably use some more fine turning, but I love it. Mine also has a tinnitus masker built right in and when I'm wearing my HA, I never even notice the T. When I'm not wearing it, I can make do, but it's amazing what I was missing out on before I got it. Sounds like your audiologist might be a bit lazy. But honestly, it's really not that difficult to program. I would highly recommend that you give it a try. Most companies allow for a 30 to 45 day trial period. During that time you can play around with different settings and see if you like it. I have a Phonak Audeo Smart (which was the top of the line, but I liked the middle of the road one just as much.) You can even get another component to allow you to stream your MP3 player, television and cell phone calls directly to your HA. I don't have that yet, but am planning on getting it soon. Best of luck to you! I'd be happy to answer any more questions if I can.
  3. Angelea

    Angelea New Member

    Yes, also masks tinnitus!

    I agree with Shannon. We have the same HA, btw.

    I'd consider getting another opinion. I found an audiologist who was willing to work with me. Most state laws allow you to return your HA within 3 months. I'd say it took me about that long to get used to it and to appreciate the benefit fully. Good luck!
  4. nicmger

    nicmger New Member

    I got a hearing aid finally about 9 months ago and it was a great decision. Not only does it let me hear more, mask some of the ringing, but whereas before certain tones and loud noises would "hurt", that doesn't happen any longer. I have different settings for "bad ear" days - which of course are not perfect depending on the day but either way it still helps. My audiologist actually told me that I could pop in on a bad ear day and she would fine tune it further for me.

    Mine also had a 3 month trial so you could try it out and if you don't find it works, give it back and get a refund. But important to note that my first trial I did not like; returned it. Went to a different audiologist, got a different aid and what I believe is better programming and left happy.

    Good luck
  5. james

    james ''Everywhere I go there I am'' GS

    I have one in my bad ear.The hearing is pretty bad in that ear but it has helped with what direction a sound is coming from.It also just feels better,can't really explain that but I'm glad I have it.

    I agree with Shartose your audiologist sounds lazy. A good one should really work with you to get the best results that you can get.

    Another thing,I may be stating this wrong but it's also good to keep that part of the brain where hearing takes place to keep it active--then if by some miracle a cure for hearing loss is found your brain is already ready.Keeping the neural pathways open so to speak.
  6. kaiguy55

    kaiguy55 New Member

    Wonderful support and advice from you all. Thank you! I think I do need to try a new audiologist. I have just worked with mine for a while now and we have become sort of friends, so I think I feel guilty or something by trying someone else (sort of like when you change hairstylists?) ::)
  7. kaiguy55

    kaiguy55 New Member

    Shartsoe and nicmgear -

    As you have different settings on your aid, how did your audi determine what to set for your different "prescriptions"? Did you have to do several hearing tests over time and the audi used that as basis for programming? I am just trying to determine the actual process for getting a good, programmed (with multiple settings) aid that will serve me well and I am still mystified by the process.

  8. shartsoe

    shartsoe New Member

    Yes. My audiologist looked at my tests over the course of a year. I happened to be in her office on a really good day so we worked from there. The digital programming really does a lot of the work itself. I can't really explain it but when she hooks it up to the computer it tells the computer which settings I've used the most and we can adjust accordingly.
  9. nicmger

    nicmger New Member

    Initially my current audiologist set the program based on my hearing tests. Then she wanted me to come back in a couple of weeks and describe the good/bad, etc. She "tweeked" the initial setting. Follow up a month later when she added a couple of other programs (quieter for loud/noisy locations; louder for "bad ear" days; and a few months ago she added another which enhances the lower registers for those worse ear days. She was absolutely frank that with the fluctuations that I have with hearing due to MM that I could/should come back as often as I need/want to change or update settings. With the ones that I have, I have the "majority" covered. Yes there are some days that are not as good as others but still better than not having one at all! AND the one I have is what she considered "entry level" so it does not have all the bells and whistles of some - but works for what I need.
  10. MJPMIN

    MJPMIN New Member

    I'm bilateral and I've been wearing hearing aids for a couple of years. I can't imagine not having them. My hearing fluctuates and I just adapt when it does. Shop around! I bought mine at Costco and I paid half what I would have paid elsewhere for very high quality hearing aids. The hearing aid industry is a high priced racket and they hate Costco.
  11. kaiguy55

    kaiguy55 New Member

    MJPMIN, thanks for the advice! I actually noticed you live in Minnesota - as do I (I'm in Minneapolis). Which physicians/audiologists do you work with in Minnesota, if you don't mind sharing?
  12. MJPMIN

    MJPMIN New Member

    kaiguy55 I'm in Maplewood. I'm in the process of looking for another ENT so I can't recommend my current ENT. My current ENT falls into the category that sadly seems to be the norm. Doesn't really care, egotistical and awful listening skills. Makes ya feel like your wasting his time when you ask a couple questions. Time to fire this one and look for another. Will PM you if I find a good one.

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