How many different kinds of drugs do you take?

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by hollymm, Dec 9, 2010.

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  1. hollymm

    hollymm Me, 'in' a tree.

    Reading about the different diagnoses and drug therapies prescribed here, I've wondered just how many different drugs people are taking and for what. Perhaps there are other people on this site who can add information about how this could affect/worsen the effects it has on Meniere's or Mav for that matter. I'll start:

    Alprazolam (zanax) - Meniere's

    Oxycodone, Morphine (time release) - For pain management

    Trazadone, Lamotrigine, Risperidone - For Bi-polar Disorder, Manic Depression, Post Tramatic Stress Disorder

    Omeprozole - constant 'heart burn'

    Simvasatin - High Cholestrol

    Nortiptyline - Periphal neuropathy

    Anyway, that's my 'list' maybe there are other people out there that take some of the same meds and have come up with different problems that we are being given more meds for because of the meds...
  2. SMRoz

    SMRoz Coast Guard Dizzy! (Ret)

    I have

    Simvastatin 40mg 1/day (Choloesterol)

    Methylprednisolone 4mg onhold ?/day (vary's) (Menieres)

    Prednisone 20mg 5/day (Menieres)

    Triamterene-HCTZ 20 mg (Menieres)

    Valium 10mg 2-5/day (Menieres)

    I also have a nausia pill but am currently out and don't remembr the name.

    And I use to be the guy that hated taking meds. ehhhhh
  3. rottiesrule

    rottiesrule New Member

    I take Atenolol and Diovan (for BP), along with my modified JOH.
  4. CGR

    CGR Guest

    JOH, C, D3, Mag Citrate, GABA and multi-vit.

    I'm considering ubiquinol, but still researching it.
  5. carnyard

    carnyard New Member

    None. I just say "No" to drugs.. ;)

    Wino...If you can tell me what movie that line is from, I will happily concede our clash of the titans to you as King of The Movie Lines...
  6. Wino

    Wino Resident Honey Badger

    I know I've heard it, but I'm stumped and I don't want to cheat with Google :D

    Not counting the modified JOH regimen, I only take dyazide.
  7. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    I applaud you for thinking about this. I want to throw a thought in the mix that may or may not help you think about it.

    A lot of times we think about meds as having different side effects. Some do have different side effects. There are meds that produce easily identifiable side effects that other meds do not have.

    At the same time, if we can think about meds as a whole body systemic reaction to a toxic med of course we notice some similarities in the reaction of the body from one med to another.

    Some people get upset when I say "toxic med" but lets be realistic about what things "really' are. I am definitely not slamming the meds by trying to associate meds with toxins. Its just the brutal truth that practically all of them are. If we don't know this we remain confused. Confusion does not breed accurate thinking results. I stay confused enough already without having to deal with incorrect information!

    So in keeping with the above, there are usually universal symptoms that the body may display as a result to almost any toxin be it a med or some spoiled food you ate for lunch.

    These cross over symptoms, or universal symptoms, might be lethargy, confusion, insomnia, can't stay awake, brain fog, etc...

    Just from looking at your list I easily see that xanax and oxycodone will have a ton of cross over effects. Your other meds I am not familiar enough with to know what the cross over effects are.

    So this is a puzzle with a lot of pieces. But I sincerely believe that you are thinking in one of the most productive manners possible with this idea.

    One thing I notice too is that heart burn med. If that is a proton pump inhibitor I would seriously entertain the notion of trying to figure out a way to substitute that joker with baking soda or trying to eliminate the cause of the burn. Burn meds can cause run away candida. I had the burn so damn bad years ago that acid would come up in my throat. The acid gave me a hiatal hernia and I was in hell. I took Nexium the purple pill and brother man it healed that hernia lickety split. Amazing what it did. I'm still impressed by that. But I stopped taking it after I got the hernia healed. I was drinking a cheap ass brand of wine regularly that was tearing my ass up and giving me acid. I switched to another chill option and the burn went away. No tellin what is causing the burn but the burn is not a disease, its a reaction to something your body hates. Food, alcohol, etc...That was years ago. If the same thing happened to me now, and I don't know this for certain, but I strongly suspect that I could do the same thing with baking soda.

    Baking soda will put the burn on the run in a few seconds. It is not pleasant though. It makes your stomach fill up with gas for a couple of minutes and it is unpleasant. Then after a minute or two a huge "hot" belch will come out and dude lady the burn is over and done with instantly. No more burn. Even though it be unpleasant, it is only unpleasant for a couple of minutes. Better have two minutes of mild discomfort than a life of hell with run away candida ya know?

    Little baking soda couple times a day really really helps keep the burn down. As a regimen its not that unpleasant. But as an emergency measure to get really high acid knocked out it is unpleasant for a couple of minutes.

    Worst thing I can say about the baking soda is that every once in a blue moon, hardly ever and very rarely, the gas, for some strange reason, will decide to exit from the back door. That sux hard. Get ready for explosive activity and some discomfort.
  8. carnyard

    carnyard New Member

    Hint. Set in Miami. Former Sopranos actor playing bit part....
  9. Wino

    Wino Resident Honey Badger

    It's not Scarface, is it?
  10. hollymm

    hollymm Me, 'in' a tree.

    hiatal hernia - that's what I was taking the meds for with regard to the acid build up. I just couldn't think of the name when I was writing it down. I tried the baking soda thing and it just didn't work for a long enough period of time. I didn't have to eat or drink anything to get the burn so it was almost constantly with me.

    Sean, I noticed you take a number of drugs just for Meniere's. I've often wondered if the original OTO that diagnosed me, prescribed Zanax for me and then just left it alone. I've got to fault my self for not following up on what's going on with the progression of the disease. I think it has something to do with the hearing test I know he'll make me take. It's like having pain somewhere and the doctor pressing on it saying 'does it hurt when I push, there?' The pain and after effects of a hearing test makes me abhor doing what needs to be done to further his knowledge of the prognosis and providing me with better meds to get to some kind of 'normal' life.

    The biggest reason that I haven't done JOH's regieme in full is because I hate taking pills and I have so many already. I have difficulty swallowing and some of those pills are elephant size to me! I've tried some in spurts but didn't get results. Probably because the ones I tried just weren't the right ones.

    Oh, in my list of drugs I forgot to mention the methotrexate I take for pustular psoriasis. I know this helps some of my maladys and hurts others...just not sure which ones they are.

    Carnyard, how do you deal with Meniere's and its problems?
  11. RonneyKay

    RonneyKay I'm Okay when everything is not Okay ~tori amos

    ooo I am new here, and I like this thread..

    i take
    wellbutrin 300mg- depression
    celexa 40mg - depression
    xanax .5mg - anxiety

    I haven't needed this much medication ever for my depression anxiety the doses just got recently upped within the last few years, I believe directly related to the meniere's and the anxiety and the depression that I have experienced going through it.

    For Pain (terrible arthritis and fibromyalgia, even though I just turned 41)
    Tramadol - as needed
    although I mostly take ibuprofen. I only break out the tramadol when things are bad, like when the weather is bad or I have been doing alot of strenuous work (we just moved, so You can imagine)

    For Meniere's
    Meclazine - 25mg 3xday
    Triamatrene HCTZ - 37.5 - 25mg 1x day
    Diazapem 2mg 2xday

    Although now I m choosing to eliminate the xanax as I do not want to take it with the Diazapem.

    I feel ridiculous that at my age I need to take so many medications. I hope after my surgery I won't need at least half of these anymore. I hope I can quite my anxiety meds all together, and at least lower my anti-depressant dosage.

    What are your thoughts on this? Have any of you had surgery and then not needed, or at least lessened the medications?

  12. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    "I didn't have to eat or drink anything to get the burn so it was almost constantly with me."

    I hear ya. Something that is going into the body is causing it though. It would not be there othewise. The fact that it is always there is not mysterious to me. Something that is going into the body is producing a very strong digestive reaction. Something you are putting in the body is triggering huge acid production. It could be potato chips, milk, meds, etc...The fact that you don't get a sudden burn from immediately putting something in the body does not surprise me. Sometimes the immediate burn will be noticeable when you eat something, sometimes it won't. What is your diet like? What do you do most days? Do you drink milk most days? Orange juice several times a week? Try to think of something you do routinely and change it if possible. Don't expect immediate relief from the change because it may take a couple of weeks or longer to get a noticeable result. Another thought is the fact that as long as you are taking the burn med you may never figure out what is causing it because it will keep masking the burn and mess up your experiment. Meds are of course routine and if you cannot eliminate the one that may be causing the burn because you can't function then living with the burn may unfortunately be your cross to bear.

    "I have difficulty swallowing and some of those pills are elephant size to me!"

    If they will dissolve in water dissolve them in a couple of ounces of water and kill it. If they are time released this won't work. Also you can break them in half with a butter knife. Press the butter knife down on it with the palm of your hand and it will pop in half. May shoot across the room so try to block that. Also putting the med on the edge of a table or cabinet and pressing both sides with your thumbs will pop it in half instantly and when you get good at doing it this is the easiest way to break them. You may figure out a better way.
  13. June-

    June- New Member

  14. jesseandalison

    jesseandalison New Member

    back spasms methocarbamol
    pain tramadol
    sleep (when dizzy) seraquel
    depression fluoxitin
    brain pain imatrex

    abcde vit
  15. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    "I tried the baking soda thing and it just didn't work for a long enough period of time."

    That is why I said "as a regimen". You can't do it only when the burn gets bad. You have to do it two or three times a day, maybe four or five, to keep up with the acid flow. I know it is more inconvenient but if it works you get to eliminate one toxin from your daily intake and your body's natural probiotic functions will work much better to keep you in balance. Nuking the natural probiotics in the body wreaks all sorts of havoc.

    Don't take any of this the wrong way. I'm not telling you that you are "wrong". I'm only trying to inject as many thoughts into the equation as I can that I think may be reasonable things to consider so that you don't suffer. I'm sort of an accuracy freak about this stuff. I got that way from being in so much pain and misery. I knew that the more incorrect data I had in my head the worse off I would be. My head is still full of inaccurate data obviously. If all the data in my head was accurate I would not still have a problem would I? Its only because I luv ya.... ;)
  16. Max Stooge

    Max Stooge New Member

    Buy a pill cutter at your pharmacy, easy to use. Couple of bucks.

    Myself, for BP, Metropolol and Doxazosin. for anxiety Buspirone, for MM a diuretic. And it all works.
  17. JRod

    JRod New Member

    I take no additional drugs. In my case (because I have vestiublar issues in both ears) virtually any medication really makes my balance/dizziness worse. Bottom line, for me, it has to be a life saver in order for me to consider taking it.
  18. Taximom5

    Taximom5 New Member

    Hollymm, I have a hiatal hernia, too. I was taking very large amounts of acid blockers for years, and my doc kept increasing the dosage as my symptoms worsened.

    I developed peripheral neuropathy, which turned out to be a symptom of B12 deficiency (as did my dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss, etc). AND THE B12 DEFICIENCY WAS CAUSED BY THE ACID BLOCKERS.

    My heartburn was significantly worsened by gluten, but the hiatal hernia still exists. However, it is much better since I lost quite a bit of weight (from going off gluten--nice side benefit!).

    I discovered that quitting an acid blocker results in a major acid attack--it's called the "rebound effect." It made me--and my doc--think that I must REALLY REALLY need that high dose of acid blocker. But that is wrong wrong wrong.

    All I needed to do was wean off--and I am still amazed how slowly I had to go. It took me several months, but I am down to 1/2 of a zantac 75 once a day. That's about 1/8 what I was taking before, when I was on large amounts of Nexium/Prilosec.

    Incidentally, under the list of symptoms for H2 Agonists on
    Inflammation of blood vessels
    Mood or mental changes including anxiety, agitation, confusion, hallucinations, mental depression, nervousness, or severe mental illness.

    So I would wonder if your acid medicine is causing MM symptoms (because of the inflammation of blood vessels) AND peripheral neuropathy AND bipolar/manic depression.
  19. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    See my post in the thread "Flashing Lights" about B 12. B 12 is crucial. The post was not targeted at b12 but I made a reference to it. Taximom is correct in the fact that acid blockers can and will inhibit b12 function.

    We have so many things going into our body. Toxins. We live in a toxic nightmare. Shampoos, chlorine in tap water we drink and bath with, hard plastic cups leach endocrine disruptors into water, bisphenol from the lining of canned foods, sugars <(NO), preservatives in packaged foods, pharma drugs, etc...

    This is a process of exclusion as much as it is a process if inclusion. Looking for things to put into the body, to combat what we already put into the body is not the total answer. Excluding toxins is probably more important than looking for things to put into the body.

    But at the same time look for "real" things nature recognizes as tools to work with such as vitamins and minerals.

    If food comes in a package there is a 99% chance it is toxic.

    But everybody else eats it right? Yes and look around. So many sick people.

    But they don't kick over and die immediately from eating it! No they don't but toxins accrue over time.

    The body is like a bank account. Things collect over time.

    Chlorine in water is death on the installment plan. Pur brand activated charcoal filter. Walmart. Exclusion.
  20. John of Ohio

    John of Ohio New Member

    Ok, here goes. The list of VMSs (and a single true drug) that I take is pretty lengthy. I’ve extensively researched every single one of these for their safety and healthful prophylaxis (keeps me from getting a lot of the things that pull down others in their 60s and later).

    Do not take this list as any recommendation for anyone else. All of this works extremely well for me. But everyone must decide for themselves, in the light of related contemporary knowledge and experience, of what should be taken.

    Alpha-Lipoic Acid
    Beta 1,3 Glucans
    Beta Sitosterol
    Calcium Citrate
    Coenzme Q10
    Curcumin Extract
    Flax Oil (w/o Lignans)
    Ginkgo Extract
    Green Tea Extract
    Lithium Orotate
    Magnesium Citrate
    Lemon Bioflavonoid
    Nutri-100 multivitamin (w/o iron)
    Trimethylglycine (TMG)
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin D (6000 IU)
    Vitamin E (d- form, mixed tocopherols)
    Zinc Citrate

    All of the above are VMSs, vitamins, minerals, and supplements. The only prescription drug I take is levothyroxine (“thyroid”), although the amount of that is now significantly reduced after taking ashwagandha.

    And yep, all of this is not an inconsiderate expense. But it pales in comparison to the costs and sufferings of any of the common debilities of old age, such as dementia, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers, or obesity. I’m 63, and most people think I’m in my fifties.

    –John of Ohio
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