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Discussion in 'Your Religion & Spiritual Corner' started by Intrepid, Nov 10, 2010.

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  1. Intrepid

    Intrepid New Member

    Don't respond to BYB's posts.

    Can you do it?

    Test yourselves.
  2. rev

    rev New Member

    I'll try - starting now!
  3. burd

    burd New Member

    But what happens if he posts here? Will it really be possible to step right over his comments and not allow them to taint anything that comes after?
  4. Imnoscientist

    Imnoscientist New Member

    What - all of them? That sounds a little like bullying by exclusion. Sending him to Coventry as we used to say at school (I never knew why until I went to the actual Coventry and yeah, it's a dump).

    If he says something I want to comment on I will. I can see a case for ignoring him (or anyone) if they say something nasty but I can also tell him what I think of it without engaging in a keyboard war.
  5. Imnoscientist

    Imnoscientist New Member

    Fair enough. I'm not making a commitment either way ;)
  6. Chris0515

    Chris0515 New Member

    Once again Ray just said earlier that this whole section is gonna be wiped CLEAN, and then the true troublemakers will be exposed and revealed alot quicker starting from scratch.
  7. Funshine

    Funshine New Member

    Why would you in the first place?? They read like a lot of psycho-babble and really have no place in this section.
  8. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member

    I agree that your suggestion would be the best one. But it's kind like suggesting that we not scratch an itch, you know? I have been your itch before, and you mine. So should we not scratch? I dunno what the best route here is. I have never known anyone on this site to be as non-repentant, and abrasive, and who commands respect for his posts, but who gives none for others, absolutely none, to the extent that he even attempts to intimidate those who have not 'earned' his respect. I will tell you; if I ever earned his respect, I expect I would have lost it for myself. So I for one will refrain from trying.
  9. June-

    June- New Member

  10. SMRoz

    SMRoz Coast Guard Dizzy! (Ret)

    This is easy enough unless its in the fun and games room or actually about mm. Then I will respond.
  11. June-

    June- New Member

    How about we just ignore posts we believe are intended to be provocative or hurtful no matter who they come from? Usually people who do that are looking for the fun of a response and if they don't get it they stop doing it. If it was an unintended affront from a well-meaning person they will realize the effect and be more careful next time.
  12. SMRoz

    SMRoz Coast Guard Dizzy! (Ret)

    Thats a lot better way of stating what I was trying to say
  13. Chris0515

    Chris0515 New Member

    Wether it's here or just walking around town I have always been a "reactive" type of person that doesn't take crap from anyone, so it's a lot more difficult of a task than you think.
  14. June-

    June- New Member

    But think of how great it will feel to know you are in control and people can't push your buttons and get you to react whenever they want.
  15. carolyn33

    carolyn33 New Member

  16. charisse

    charisse Been hanging here for 8 years

    This person reminds me of another member that use to conme here. I believe his name was Drcott? Not sure but over the years one will pop in and cause a fuss then get kicked off. For the life of me I can't understand why they get so touchy about others beliefs.
  17. CarolineJ.

    CarolineJ. New Member

    Charisse, I have been thinking about how lately people have shown up as a different identity and have targetted one or two individuals and I am wondering if this could be the same phenomenon going on. Sort of an alter ego.

    Remember Uspinmerightround, that one comes to mind first. Came to the Living Room, stirred things up, caused chaos and left. We don't know who that was but chances are he/she was one of us.

    So it could be that someone has taken offense and decides to handle it in this manner instead of dealing with it with the perpetrators of the alleged offense and to strike back at certain individuals while cloaking their identity because they have something they want to say but still want to be part of the forum as their regular self. Just a possibility.
  18. Butterfly

    Butterfly I will learn to fly agian.

    Agreed they want the response. Maybe if they didnt get one their fun would be over and they would stop. I guess we can be hopeful anyways.
  19. charisse

    charisse Been hanging here for 8 years

    I agree Caroline, You never know who it is. My guess is Drcott for this one :D I have not read any of his or her threads till now. I'm more of a move on person if I read something that gets under my skin, well lets say most of the time. :D
  20. June-

    June- New Member

    Sometimes people aren't well and the best we can do is not encourage them any farther into their problems by taking their bait.

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