Issues with electrolytes and diuretic/low sodium diet

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by dizzybee, Apr 13, 2014.

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  1. Intrepid

    Intrepid New Member

    When you think of the Standard American Diet you will see why the FDA and many book authors promote a plant based diet. If the main vegetables on the average American's place are french fries and ketchup, well you will understand why the FDA has to intervene and tell us to eat more fruits and vegetables!

    If you look at other cultures, meat is a part of their diet. It is not the bulk of their diet but it is an integral part of their meals. How much of what you eat matters. Exclude food groups only if you have a true allergy or sensitivity. Otherwise, eat a balanced diet that is comprised of as many whole foods as possible.

    As far as juicing goes, our bodies don't need that many micronutients. We need a very small percentage of vitamins and minerals and a good proportion of macronutrients (carbs, proteins and fats). Again, eating a plant based diet to "boost the immune system" means next to nothing.

    But I am no expert. I don't have fancy titles before my name or fancy letters after my name. Do your homework after considering both sides of the argument and choose what is best for your body, not bodies in general.
  2. zotjen

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    I won't go as far as saying it's a gimmick, but I find Spring's theory puzzling. If there is an immune deficiency, wouldn't the person be more susceptible to other diseases and illnesses and get sick more often than the average person? Is it a particular deficiency that somehow makes a person vulnerable to what causes Meniere's?

    As far as the low salt and diuretic regimen, as I have mentioned I am at about two weeks with much improved symptoms. Again, I don't want to say for sure it's the LO SO as my symptoms may just have gone into remission, but I'm certainly not ruling it out. If it is the LO SO, it took about 6 weeks to kick in and I would think any regimen will take some time before it starts to work.

    Has anyone else had success or know of anyone who had success, be it long term or temporary, just on LO SO?
  3. bubbagump

    bubbagump New Member

    I'm not SS, but I think he agrees that Meniere's people are more prone to other immune-related diseases. Can't remember if I read it somewhere or actually from talking to him. Can someone verify?

    One thing that is obvious is that many Meinere's people develop or have Eustachian Tube Dysfunction.

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