Meniere's and a Virus Connection?

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Caribbean, Jul 8, 2007.

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  1. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

    Doctors are finding a link between Meniere's and a type of virus. Studies have shown that Acyclovir and Famvir, an anti-viral prescribed medication, has reduced or eliminated the symptoms of meniere's. Read article Also watch foods Lysine and Arginine content. Low Lysine or high Arginine seem to trigger the virus and increase your symptoms. Read for more information.
  2. swane

    swane New Member

    Re: Virus Connection?

    You know I read somewhere about the possibility links of the herpes virus and the MM disease.
    I believe it was something like the inner ear getting the virus in it causing peolpe to have this MM disease. It would be interesting to find out just how many of us out there do have the symptoms of the herpes.
    Im talking myself of just the cold sore type that I have.
    I does make a person wonder.
    Good Question, great info.
  3. Soccermom

    Soccermom New Member

    Re: Virus Connection?

    You will likely find that this is a controversial topic here and elsewhere!

    My husband is one who seems to be very-much-helped by taking Acyclovir. Finding a Dr., however, who would prescribe it was one of the greatest battles I have ever fought (and won!). :)

    If you have cold sores along with MM symptoms, you very well might benefit from trying the anti-viral approach. Read those pages of the Japanese Study that Larry posted. Also try a search here on "Acyclovir" or "Famvir" (if the posts are still here - there used to be tons of them, but that may have been primarily before this site crashed!).

    Feel free to ask any questions. Larry is somewhat of an expert on this subject, as is an old-timer member who may or may not still come here, by the name of Johnny Detroit (are you still here Johnny??!).

    I have always been a strong believer that anyone not getting relief in other ways, should at least TRY anti-virals. Can't hurt. Might very well help.

    Good luck!
  4. John of Ohio

    John of Ohio New Member

    Re: Virus Connection?

    The herpes viruses that may be the cause of many or most Meniere’s cases are probably symptomatically very different from common herpes infections, such as shingles, genital herpes, and cold sores.

    There are probably hundreds of various herpes viruses. So failing to have any of the symptoms of any of the more common herpes viruses does not indicate the presence or absence of those in the inner ear that could cause MM symptoms.

    But the probable connection between the presence of herpes viruses in the inner ear and MM symptoms has been pretty well demonstrated, particularly in Europe, in Italy.

    This is why I include l-lysine in my MM regimen. A 500mg capsule of l-lysine each day (taken alone without food – if taken with food it gets digested and mingled with other amino acids and apparently can’t act against embedded herpes viruses) can stop viral replication, the making of new viruses.

    It’s cheap, with virtually no side effects (lysine is a common amino acid in many foods), and can stop MM in some cases by itself. I prefer a more multi-pronged approach, to suppress not just the virus, but to also increase blood flow through the inner ear. Read the posting about the regimen for more details at

    –John of Ohio
  5. swane

    swane New Member

    Re: Virus Connection?

    Is there a test that can be done by a DR. to figure out if someone could have this virus/MM related Diesase??
  6. MAR

    MAR New Member

    Re: Virus Connection?

    I have a question for you virus experts. I have heard many mention cold sores but does anyone have planer warts on their feet? I had never had them before then about 3-4 months before my MM hit I got them. Now most likely it was from my son. He had actually had more than I can count removed from both feet about 6 months prior to me getting them. I still thought it was weird because his foot doctor had said they are caused by a virus but that I shouldn't worry about getting them because they only affect kids/teenagers.

    Once the MM hit I really didn't think too much about them because of dealing with the vertigo etc. At one point I remember looking at my foot and there was about 15 of them! But I didn't even care because of dealing with MM. Then in Feb. my vertigo stopped, and most other symptoms had cleared up. Looked at my foot and they were gone! Then May arrives and I noticed I had another wart. I jokingly said to my husband I hope this doesn't mean my vertigo is coming back. You guessed it--I have been having vertigo attacks every 3-7 days ever since and still have my wart.

    I started the l-lysine from John's regime a little more than a week ago (I am also doing the Lemon Bioflavnoids). I chose to try the l-lysine next after the Lemon Bio. because the virus/wart thing has been in the back of my mind. Since starting the l-lysine I got 8 days in between attacks. I have now gone almost another week with no attack and I have no symptoms of one coming. Today I actually feel good and almost "normal" like I felt during my previous 3 month remission.

    I realize there may be no connection, I know the warts can spontaneously disapear (like MM!). Also I may be headed into another spontaneous remission (I hope) or I could wake up tomarrow with all the symptoms of the next attack. I just find it interesting and was curious of your opinions.

  7. swane

    swane New Member

    Re: Virus Connection?

    Its seems that sometimes the things that happen to us just before we are disabled with this MM ,makes you wonder if its associated with this disease.
    I had to go to a Paradontist and get the roots of my teeth cleaned to prevent gum disease.
    about 2 weeks before I had my 1st symptom of MM,( Ringing in the ears).
    It makes me wonder if that had something to do with mine.
    Who know's.
    I dont recall anyone mentioning having had planter worts before ther MM set in but with this disease and any type of virus anything can be possible.
    If there so many types of viruses out there why couldnt they end up in places that they should be?
    I would be nice if they could just find the culprit to the monster and we could prevent it from happening to anyone else.
    Interesting Question you had there,Hopefully someone with more insite to it will be able to answer it for us all.
  8. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

    Re: Virus Connection?

    Hummm, I must say the wart problem is a new one on me...however we have had many people over the years make a connection with dental work.
    We just don't know, the "BEAST" is a master of disguise.
  9. Goomeri Spinner

    Goomeri Spinner New Member

    Re: Virus Connection?

    I am certainly not discounting the possible link with viruses and MM but did you know that approxiamtely 95% of the population is infected with the herpes simplex virus by 6 years of age....I think that number is correct ??? its coming from the deep recesses of my mind ::)

    As to whether or not you get any symptomes depends on the person, their immune system, triggers like the sun etc....the common cold sore is caused by the herpers simplex virus I and genital herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus II, shingles is more related to the chicken pox virus, varicella, and is also a herpes types virus...herpes zoster....I don't think you can get a dose of shingles unless you have had chicken pox.

    So, as John of O said, there are hundreds of the little buggers out there ;D and they are opportunistic buggers ;D

    I have NEVER had a cold sore (herpes simplex I) but have had shingles (I had chicken pox as a child) Shingles USUALLY appears when the immune system is under "attack" from something else, be it infection or stress or whatever.

    Haven't heard the plantar wart thingy before but yes, it is caused by a virus and as far as I know ANYONE can get them, not just the young. Most common place to pick that up is in public pools/showers etc They like it wet :) I had a planter wart when I was 13 years old but haven't had another since then.
    Yes Larry, I agree totally, the "beast" is a master of disguise :(

  10. goldie

    goldie me and joshua

    Re: Virus Connection?


  11. chez

    chez Port Cygnet, Tasmania

    Re: Virus Connection?

    Okay, this is very interesting. When I was born, at home, my 2 brothers were in the next room with chicken pox. Then when I was about 10 my sister got chicken pox, I shared the same room, never got them, then my 3 kids got them, still didnt get them. At about age 20 I got a verruca which is an in grown wart usually found on the foot, but in my case it is under my thumb nail at the tip of my thumb. My 11 year old came out in weird little blisters a month ago, the Dr said it was shingles. Probably all this is dribble, but it makes me wonder if I did actually contract the chicken pox as a baby, and instead of settling in the nerves of the spine, where the Dr told me it usually does, whether it settled in my inner ear or wherever and created MM
    Food for thought I suppose, not that it really matters, just interesting thats all.

  12. bostonjim

    bostonjim New Member

    Re: Virus Connection?

    My husband's Dr., who believes in the viral theory, explained that the HSV virus cannot penetrate into the inner ear in most people. Genetically he has found that in some people it does penetrate the inner ear. He explains that this is why most people who carry the HSV virus don't go on to develop Meniere's. He also believes that a stressful event is the trigger to activate the virus once it settles in the ear.

    My husband currently takes Valtrex, and knock on wood, he been pretty much symptom free since starting it. Acyclovir did not seem to work for him, but Valtrex has done wonders. It's supposed to be a stronger anti-viral and also covers a few different strains of the virus. There are hundreds of different strains of the HSV virus and not all the antivirals neccessarily cover them.

    I wish more Drs would do research on this possible link. It could help so many people.

    Julie (Bostonjim's wife)
  13. Rick

    Rick New Member

    Re: Virus Connection?

    ..I think the bottom line to all of this has nothing to do with the question as to whether a virus causes Meniere's. It really deals with, "Will an antiviral medication help with teh Meniere's symptoms?". I have no scientific data to support this but it seems that those who are realatively new to Meniere's are the ones who usually benefit from the antivirals. I took them and it didn't help. But I've had Meniere's for 25 years.
    ...An again, the virus may have nothing to do with Meniere's except it's setting up and environment that is a trigger for the Meniere's symptoms. Just like some foods are a trigger for me, a virus could also be a trigger and not a cause. But in either case, an antiviral would help. I suspect that our bodies release histamine when it sees a virus the same way it does when it sees an allergen. That would support the histamine theory of triggers.
    ...But again, theories have nothing to do with this. It boils down to, "will the antiviral medication helps". And the answer is that it's helped quite a few and there may be a chance that even if it helps now, it may not help later because of the trigger mechanism. And the opposite could be true. It may not help now, but should a person get a viral infection that triggered their meniere's symptoms, then it might help in the future.
  14. bryant99

    bryant99 New Member

    Re: Virus Connection?

    The doctor that I went and seen tested me for herpes ans hiv virus cause they cause some people to have menieres.I got lucky and mine came back clear.From what my doctor told me there can be a link with virus and menieres.just my 2 cents
  15. Soccermom

    Soccermom New Member

    Re: Virus Connection?

    It's so good to see you here! I have been wondering how ol' Boston Jim is doing!!!

    I agree that I wish more Drs would consider the antiviral approach. It does seem to help many.

    Tell Jim I'm happy he's doing well. My husband is doing well on Acyclovir too (knock on wood!).

    Laura :)
  16. nassman

    nassman Guest

    Re: Virus Connection?

    Here is my beef with the "antiviral theory".

    I know somebody with genital herpes (yes, I know it is nasty). The point is, this person only has to take the anti-viral when the hepres breaks out. They take it for about two or three weeks and the virus retreats. Although the virus will always be in their system, even worst-case scenarios like my friend's does not require a daily intake of acyclovir because these drugs are not meant to be taken daily for long periods of time.

    So, who says that daily use of acyclovir for meniere's makes sense? Anti-virals are not meant to be taken daily. Doing so can cause serious damage to the kidneys and liver in the long run.
  17. joy

    joy New Member

    Re: Virus Connection?

    I was kinda wondering that myself - I didn't read the entire study, but was the idea to take Acyclovir every day for ... ever? Of course that wouldn't make sense. And even taking it for specific periods of time, with breaks inbetween - it would seem the stuff would stop working after a while, wouldn't it?
  18. nassman

    nassman Guest

    Re: Virus Connection?

    Yes Joy, you are right. However, some of the self-proclaimed doctors on here talk about a lower "maintenance dosage" when symptoms are at bay.

    I asked my doctor on more than one occasion about "maintenance dosages" of these types of anti-virals (i.e. Famvir, Acylovir, and Valtrex) and he repsonded by saying that no doctor would ever prescribe this type of dosage.
  19. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

    Re: Virus Connection?

    I don't take a maintenance dose anymore joy, I did at one time. I find its better to repeat the regime every six months or so when the "BEAST" rears its ugly head again. Then I go back into remission in two or three days after that.
  20. Re: Virus Connection?

    I would not rule out ANY possible cause of MM because, quite frankly, I think there are several different diseases we can't tell apart yet, all thrown into the bucket called "Meniere's".

    As soon as someone proves that some MM is caused by a virus, that particular variant will be named something different (perhaps Latin for "Nasty vertigo caused by some damned virus"), and will no longer be considered "Menieres" which is basically "vertigo and hearing loss and hydrops where we can't figure out what to blame them on"

    I've seen suspected links to cat scratch fever, vitamin deficiency, TMJ, etc., etc., and at least some of these make some degree of sense to me--but of course further research would be needed!

    I know MM sometimes runs in families and sometimes doesn't. That could mean there is actually a gene that causes one form of MM *or* makes it easier for some other cause to be bad enough to cause MM. (In my case it runs in my family *and* NUCCA seems to be helping. My suspicion is my body has some heritable feature that means a misalignment will cause MM, whereas people without that gene can suffer the same misalignment and not get MM.)

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