Most Disability Questions Impossible to Answer!!

Discussion in 'Meniere's Disease "Database"' started by dizzjo, Sep 27, 2006.

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    Sue999 - yes, in most of the cases I have read about and all of the info on line about both AIED and Meniere's, the symptom worsen through the years. The speed at which the symptoms worsen are different for each person. I worked for approx. 10 years before I finally got a disabiity aproval from the federal government. My retirement system is different from the SS retirement system. It did take a year and a half of paperwork and doctors reports to convience them (government) that I was, indeed, disabled and would no longer be able to effectively perform my duties.

    I have enough to make it month to month on my bills and am able to keep my house (barely) along with all the medical bills (and yes, I have health insurance).

    If you start along this path, please know that it may take a long time. both the state and federal government do not like handing out the $$ for the disabled and will want more information than you think you have. Fortunaltely for me, I have other immune disorders that helped with my disability retirement. And I had been working for the government for twenty-five years so the 'retirement' was enough (55% which is what I now get verses 80% of what I would've gotten had I been able to hang in ther for another six years) income even though I wasn't able to hang in the for another six years. I was at the end of my capaciity to work and they (the government) were about to get rid of me. So I took it by the horns and worked hard on it while I was still (if you wanna call it) working.

    You'll find the more you learn about this disease (there's arguement out there about whether this is a disease or disorder - whichever way it is dibilitating) the more you are able to cope with it and have people, just like you, to talk about what you may be going through on a particular day or week. there's so much help on this web site - it's the best!

    Just one more little thing I want to add. a lot of organizations have "buzz" words (no pun intended) that rack up 'points' with regard to your disability. Although you may have answered the question wuth enough info, if the buzz words aren't there, the person who is reaing it doesn't give the points. Remember, it may very well be someone with no kind of medical background that reads your report so only knows the buzz words on the piece of paper in front of them.
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    Hi there...

    I went to the VEDA link to look for that article and the link no longer works. Do you happen to know what the new link might be or where I could find the newsletter.

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    VEDA has a website:
    I looked around to find a place in which you can order that publication, but I didn't readily find it. There is a link on the site in which you can contact them, perhaps you can do that and ask them about the Summer 2005 publication of their newsletter. Best wishes!
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    My new pharmacist understood that MM is such a misunderstood disease that is just now becoming more understood.
    I'm glad I changed pharmacies!
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    Another bump for disability info.

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