Prayer for healing

Discussion in 'Your Religion & Spiritual Corner' started by rottiesrule, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. rottiesrule

    rottiesrule New Member

    A prayer for healing

    God, hear my prayer,
    And let my cry come to You.
    Do not hide from me in the day of my distress
    Turn to me and speedily answer my prayer.
    Eternal God, Source of healing,
    Out of my distress I call upon You.
    Help me sense Your presence
    At this difficult time.
    Grant me patience when the hours are heavy;
    In hurt or disappointment give me courage.
    Keep me trustful in Your love.
    Give me strength for today, and hope for tomorrow.
    To your loving hands I commit my spirit
    When asleep and when awake. You are with me; I shall not fear.

    Blessings for the day
  2. carolyn33

    carolyn33 New Member

    nice.. thank you
  3. Butterfly

    Butterfly I will learn to fly agian.

    A wonderful prayer. Thankyou for posting this :)
  4. joy

    joy New Member

    David from the Psalms?
  5. dizzysheba01

    dizzysheba01 New Member

    Beautiful, thank you!!
  6. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member

    I like that a lot. Thanks for posting it.
  7. Titus

    Titus New Member

    Thank you.
  8. lulu48

    lulu48 New Member

    Wonderful prayer. Thank you Rottie.

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