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  1. Trinity

    Trinity Bilateral Menieres 20 years, 24-7 symptoms,

    HI How much B-2 and Magnesium do you take. I am willing to try anything to stop this noise Carole
  2. Gina05

    Gina05 Guest

    I take Centrum Silver for women, I wonder if that has enough of those vitamins in it?

    I can't wait to hear what the dosage is, too. :)
  3. jaypr

    jaypr New Member

    Hi NJ

    With all the mix of medication, mm, mav, cervicogenic problems and anxiety it sounds exactly how I was a few years ago. Medication affects anxiety and vice versa.

    I went to see the only NUCCA practitioner in the UK a couple of years ago and didn't get any relief but to be fair I only went twice. Whilst I was in the waiting room for the NUCCA appointment I read a review of a book by Noel Kingsley titled Perfect Poise Perfect Life. I asked at reception about buying a copy and coincidentally the author walked in. Its quite an exclusive building in London where the NUCCA practitioner is, and amongst others Noel Kingsley also practices.

    The book as the title suggests is all about poise and how loosely we held our posture when we were children. It is amazing how much tension we hold within our body that builds up over the years as part of the stress of life and the book helps release that tension and stress regardless of how it was accumulated.

    I recommend the book to anyone particularily for people like us who have neck problems.

  4. njspingirl

    njspingirl unilateral menieres..had vns and gent injections

    Trinity, the vitamins are for the migraines. For me, the pressure before the storms.. UGH
    I am taking Vit b2 200mg 2x daily. Magnesium, I am starting out slow. As it can cause diarrhea. (possible) Ive been good so far. I started with with 50mg. mags. They come in 100 mg tabs. I split it in 1/2 and take twice daily. Last nite I did take a full 100 mg. The dose I should get up to would be 400 mgs per day. YIKES! lol But so far, so good.

    I remember you telling me about that book before. I will look it up this time. :) Thank you
    Hope you feel good.
  5. njspingirl

    njspingirl unilateral menieres..had vns and gent injections

    On this list given to me by the doctor is ButterBur. Which I dont have yet.
  6. shartsoe

    shartsoe New Member

    Holly, this statement made me so sad. I wish I could do something to make it better.
  7. Gina05

    Gina05 Guest

    me too. I've been there. It lasted 4 years.

    NJ, we understand, can we do anything to help? :)
  8. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    I have no problem popping a 5 mg Valium--- it's half life is about 12 hrs and I am of the camp that says do whatever you need to to make yoursel feel better.

    I support the laby for unilateral and Inteamuscular streptomycin injections for bilateral cases!

    Mick Jagger once said: I don't drink too much, I'm sober half the time.

    Do what you gotta do!!

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