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Alternative Treatments

Alternative Meniere's Disease treatments that fall outside the scope of traditional medical treatments. If you'd like to add something here, post it on our Living Room forum and let us know!

  1. Successful treatment from upper cervical adjustments

    Treatment for those suffering from Meniere's Disease from a misalignment of the atlas bone.
  2. Olive Leaf Extract Report --- A Success

    Another natural form of anti-viral that can alleviate Meniere's symptoms stemming from viruses.
  3. Monolaurin Update - Vertigo Free For Almost A Year

    An over-the-counter anti-viral supplement (Lauricidin) helped a reader go vertigo-free.
  4. 1 year on Valtrex (antivirals)

    I have been taking Valtrex (valacyclovir) since last Feb. I found relief from vertigo within weeks, but i had no idea that i would find so much more relief after 6-7 months. List of symptoms that have been eliminated: No vertigo No...
  5. My Update: 3 Years Symtpoms Free On Acyclovir

    Jan 27th 2013 was 3 years I started acyclovir and Jan 25th 2013 was my last vertigo attack from Meniere's, so far. Its still a miracle to me. I do still have slight tinnitus, and do need to increase my dose now and then. But what a...
  6. I now no longer suffer (BPPV) thanks to Vitamin K2. 100% free of vertigo.

    A BPPV sufferer's experience and how he found relief through Vitamin K2.
  7. Clinical Data Supporting Antiviral Treatment of Meniere’s Disease

    The information below will help a Meniere’s patient get the useful info to his or her physician, so the effective antiherptic (herpes-drug) therapy can be prescribed.
  8. Vitamin C as potential MM Treatment

    Pro: Personal Experiences From Solari (Ray) My MegaVitamin C Experiment as Anti-Viral Experiment From Carnyard 9/30/10 Introduction I have had MM symptoms since 2006. My first symptoms were fluctuating hearing loss, tinnitus, and...
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