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Info & Coping Strategies

Information and coping strategies in dealing with (and diagnosing) Meniere's Disease. If you'd like to add something here, post it on our Living Room forum and let us know!

  1. Brain Fog - Cognitive Aspects of Vestibular Disorders

    Lecture transcript from an MD that gives great insight into what it is like to experience (and live with) brain fog, a common cognitive side effect.
  2. Causes of Meniere's

    Dr. Timothy Haine's summary of possible causes of Meniere's - last modified by him as recently as Feb. 2018. Clip: A synthesis of present thought is that Menieres syndrome appears to be the final common pathway that the inner ear responds...
  3. Coping with Meniere's Disease

    A few years ago I was asked to write an article for Hearing Health magazine (operated by the Hearing Health Foundation) about Meniere's Disease. They had an accompanying article from a doctor about the disease so I wrote about it from the...
  4. Fatigue and why you feel so tired

    Fatigue comes up frequently with people who have Meniere’s Disease. Here's why.
  5. Issues to be aware of when seeking Social Security disability

    Most disability forms ask questions that are virtually impossible to answer when dealing with vestibular problems.
  6. List of commonly used acronyms

    An easy reference guide to (mostly) medical acronyms used on our forums and elsewhere
  7. MAV vs. Meniere's

    Here's a summary I made of a long article on MAV from the Tampa Bay Hearing & Balance Center. Hopefully it will give some clues to those who are trying to determine if their vertigo is MAV or purely Meniere's. I've put it in a MAV vs....
  8. Meniere's Letter: Before You Judge Me

    Life with Meniere's Disease : Before you judge me on one of my good days, you need to understand what one of my bad days is like.
  9. Meniere's May Be Mold/Fungus Induced

    One person's experience in finding out his Meniere's Disease was mold/fungal related and how it was treated
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