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Traditional Treatments

Traditional treatments for Meniere's Disease that are more common in medical circles. If you'd like to add something here, post it on our Living Room forum and let us know!

  1. European "State of the Union" on diagnosis & treatment of Meniere's Disease

    A "State of the Union" by the European medical community on the diagnosis and (conventional) treatment of Meniere's Disease
  2. SERC (Betahistine Hydrochloride) and the Meniere's Patient

    Extensive information and shared observations from a long time Menieres.org poster on his successful experiences with SERC/betahistine.
  3. Tim Boysen's Gentamicin observations

    Personal observations and thoughts from Tim Boysen on Gentamicin, another Menieres.org long timer.
  4. List of conventional treatments

    List of (currently) conventional/traditional treatments for Meniere's Disease from the Hearing Health Foundation
  5. Had labyrinthectomy with BAHA on Thursday; home on Sunday

    A reader shares her post-labyrinthectomy and BAHA (implantable hearing aid that uses bone conduction) experience with ongoing updates.
  6. Pre & post Labyrinthectomy (and BAHA) journey

    PleaseNoDizzy shares her pre & post labyrinthectomy surgical experience with ongoing updates on her progress.
  7. Informal survey of Labyrinthectomy patients

    Several folks who underwent labyrinthectomy share answers about their life after having this procedure; useful for those thinking about it
  8. Gentamicin: A Complete Experience

    Hello, I've received a lot of information about Menieres from this board over the years but sadly never had anything positive to contribute until now. It's been a little over 2 months since a single Gentamicin injection completely changed...
  9. New Surgery For Meniere's - Endolymphatic Duct Blockage (EBD)

    Endolymphatic Duct Blockage: A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Novel Surgical Technique for Ménière's Disease Treatment. Saliba I1, Gabra N2, Alzahrani M2, Berbiche D3. Abstract OBJECTIVES: To compare the effectiveness of the...
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