Dr. Scott Glocke

298 Main Street Yarmouth, ME 04096
  1. solari
    "Very capable and understanding"
    Since living full time in a tiny camper roaming our land, I've been very physically active (hiking, biking, swimming, etc.). There was an unfortunate moment where high up on a mountain trail I slipped on a rock and really tweaked my back; I started experiencing vertigo episodes over the next few weeks so I knew something was up and it wasn't entirely random like past Meniere's attacks.

    I was in Maine at the time and I was fortunate to find Dr. Glocke as a specialist in the upper cervical area; they're rare to find. I ended up making an emergency appointment with him over email and he squeezed me in the next day. I explained I needed this fixed ASAP because I was due to fly to Costa Rica for a family reunion in two weeks.

    I explained my history of Meniere's and BPPV; he was familiar with it and felt confident he could help me get back to normal. He also proved to be very knowledgable when he went over my x-rays and knew of past trauma I'd undergone all the way back to my childhood days without my saying anything initially.

    He also shared his knowledge on how upper cervical adjustments can help some of those with Meniere's Disease, this topic is often discussed on our forums ala NUCCA, etc.

    Over the next two weeks, Dr. Glocke worked diligently with me to set me "straight" again and it worked -- the pain and vertigo started fading away and by the time I left for Costa Rica all was well and I was able to fully enjoy the trip.

    I must also give props to Tara, the office manager -- she was so very warm and welcoming, putting me immediately at ease in what was initially a very uncomfortable and foreign situation for me being a traveller in an unknown town.

    Whenever I am in the area again, I will definitely be stopping by for checkups and any adjustments needed over time. Highly recommended.
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