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Fatigue and why you feel so tired

  • From DizzJo on our old Meniere's forum database:

    Fatigue comes up frequently with people who have Meniere’s Disease.

    One of the suspected reasons for the fatigue is the continuous conflicting information the brain gets from the damaged balance organ in the inner ear/ears and the other parts of the balance system, the eyes and the muscles.

    In a sense both the brain and the muscles are constantly adjusting for the constantly conflicting information, which is what wears you out.

    The emotional aspect has, to some extent, to do with the constant fatigue. The fatigue makes sure that you need to rest a lot and as a result you don't accomplish nearly enough of what you want to, leaving you to feel guilty. Fatigue can also be a symptom of depression. After all there is a lot to make you feel depressed. If you aren’t getting the needed sleep, depression can also result.

    Needing to accept that you are a different person now; your capabilities have changed. Concerning fatigue, for me, it DOES make sense.

    There are some days, when I need more sleep than others and after an attack of vertigo, it may take several days, or longer to recover. You shouldn’t feel bad about the extra sleep needed. Acceptance of the changes taking place in your life is sometimes the hardest part of dealing with your disease.
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