Hilary A. Brodie, MD, PhD

2521 Stockton Blvd. Suite 5200 Sacramento, CA 95817
  • Chair of Otolaryngology; Professor
    Otolaryngology (ENT/Ears, Nose, Throat)
    Surgery - Head and Neck, Otolaryngology

    Clinical Interests
    Dr. Brodie has a subspecialty practice in otology and neurotology. His clinical focus is in hearing loss and various diseases affecting the middle and inner ears. Together with Dr. Karen Doyle, he works with a team of audiologists, speech pathologists and physical therapists to provide comprehensive programs in cochlear implantation and in the treatment of vestibular disorders.

    Research/Academic Interests
    Dr. Brodie is engaged in research related to understanding the underlying mechanisms of a disease called labyrinthitis ossificans, in which new bone forms in the inner ear following diseases such as meningitis, skull fractures, and various inflammatory diseases.

    The significance of this research involves future cochlear implantation. If a child is deafened by meningitis and the cochlea fills with new bone, insertion of a cochlear implant is hindered. Understanding the mechanisms of bone deposition will hopefully allow for inhibition of the process and thereby maintain a patent cochlea.
  • Board Certifications
    American Board of Otolaryngology, Certified, 1991

    Undergraduate School
    B.S., UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California, 1977

    Medical School
    M.D., University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver, Colorado, 1983

    Other School
    Ph.D., UC Davis School of Medicine, Sacramento, California, 1991

    Presbyterian Hospital, Denver, Colorado, 1984

    University of California, Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, California, 1991-92

    University of California, Davis Medical Center, Los Angeles, California, 1992
  • Select Recent Publications
    Tanigawa T, Tanaka H, Hayashi K, Nakayama M, Iwasaki S, Banno S, Takumida M, Brodie H, Inafuku S. Effects of hydrogen peroxide on vestibular hair cells in the guinea pig: Importance of cell membrane impairment preceding cell death. Acta Oto-Laryngologica, 1-7, 2008.

    Yeung AH, Tinling SP, Brodie HA. Inhibition of post-meningitic cochlear injury with cerebrospinal fluid irrigation. Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery 134(2):214-24, 2006.

    Brodie HA, Yeung AH. Labyrinthitis ossificans. E-medicine, 2006.

    Aminpour S, Tinling SP, Brodie HA. Role of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-a) in sensorineural hearing loss following bacterial meningitis. Otology & Neurotology 26(4):602-609, July 2005.

    Tinling SP, Nabili VN, Brodie HA. Fine structure histopathology of labyrinthitis ossificans in the gerbil model. Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology 114(2):161-166, 2005.

    Ge N, Brodie SA, Tinling SP, Brodie HA. The effects of superoxide dismutase in gerbils with bacterial meningitis. Otolaryngology Head Neck Surgery 131(5):563-72, November 2004.

    Tinling SP, Colton J, Brodie HA. Location and timing of initial osteoid deposition in postmeningitic labyrinthitis ossificans determined by multiple fluorescent labels. The Laryngoscope 114:675-680, April 2004.

    Mhatre AM, Kim Y, Brodie HA, Lalwani AK. Macrothrombocytopenia and progressive deafness is due to a mutation in MYH9. Otology & Neurotology 24:205-209, March 2003.

    Buckmiller, L.M., H.A. Brodie, K.J. Doyle and W.R. Nemzek. Choristoma of the middle ear: A component of a new syndrome? Otology Neurotology 22 (3):363-368, May 2001.

    Nemzek, W.R., H.A. Brodie, S.T. Hecht, B.W. Chong, C.J. Babcook and J.A. Seibert. MR, CT, and plain film imaging of the developing skull base in fetal specimens. American Journal of Neuroradiology 21:1699-1706, October 2000.

    DeSautel, M.G. and H.A. Brodie. The effects of decomplementation in the development of labyrinthitis ossificans in gerbils. Laryngoscope 109:1674- 1678, October 1999.

    Nabili, V., H.A. Brodie, N.I. Neverov and S.P. Tinling. Chronology of labyrinthitis ossificans induced by streptococcus pneumoniae meningitis. Laryngoscope 109:931-935, June 1999.

    Brodie HA, Thompson TC, Vassilian L, Lee BN. Induction of labyrinthitis ossificans after pneumococcal meningitis: An animal model. Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery 118(1):15-21, January 1998.

    Brodie HA. Prophylactic antibiotics for post traumatic cerebrospinal fluid fistulae. A Meta-analysis. Archives of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery 123:749-752, July 1997.

    Brodie, H.A. and T.C. Thompson. Management of complications from 820 temporal bone fractures. American Journal of Otology 18:188-197, March 1997.

Recent Reviews

  1. Brownrecluse
    "Really appreciate Dr. Brodie"
    (Via Top notch Meniere's doctors--)

    The other doctor I want to mention is Hilary Brodie, in downtown Sacramento, the state capital, in Northern California. He is the chairman of the Otology and Neurotology group in the Otolaryngology Department at the University of California, Davis. He has a superb team assisting him as well.

    I have a cochlear implant. I also have some newly-arising, very severe, life-threatening health problems for which I need MRI's for diagnostic purposes. Lots of hospitals and imaging centers will not do MRI's on patients with cochlear implants for fear the powerful MRI magnets will rip the magnet in the cochlear implant out of the patient's head. Thanks to the Cochlear people, my wife discovered that there is a head wrap for cochlear patients that prevents that from happening for patients with cochlear implants having a Tesla rating of 1.5 or less (those of you with implants will understand if you look at the card you should have listing the technical elements of your device). Dr. Brodie told me to contact him or his chief resident by phone if I encounter any resistance in connectiion with an upcoming MRI, and any future ones I may need, and he will make sure I get the MRI given I am within the technical guidelines.

    I hope this helps someone here. Even if you have less specific issues than me, if you are located where you can get to Sacramento, Dr. Brodie and his staff can assist you in diagnosing and, to the extent possible, treating your Meniere's disease and its symptoms.
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