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I now no longer suffer (BPPV) thanks to Vitamin K2. 100% free of vertigo.

  • (EDIT: What the author of the post below refers to is not Meniere's Disease; it is BPPV. It is still worth sharing as quite a few of us have it along with MM. -Ray)

    I don't normally join forums, but I know personally how Meniere's BPPV can effect a person's life.

    As of two weeks ago I am 100% relieved of all vertigo.

    The majority of Meniere's Disease BPPV symptoms are caused by calcium "gravel" inside the inner ear. Vitamin K2 dissolves calcium where it is not supposed to be in the body (metastatic calcification).

    There is a wealth of research documentation about its effectiveness on The National Institutes of Health, and The Lancet websites, and elsewhere.

    I took 200mcg/day of Vit. K2 (KNOWN for it's effectiveness against metastatic calcification) for three months and my Meniere's is 100% gone. NO side-effects. No more vertigo.

    I am staying on 100mcg/day for calcium control in my body. Vitamin K2 is pretty amazing.

    Do not confuse it with Vitamin K1.

    I originally started taking Vit. K2 because I had had hypercalcemia and wanted to remove the mis-deposited calcium in my body (mainly in my arteries and brain). I had not even thought about it helping my Meniere's BPPV!!

    The relief I now feel is wonderful.

    Vit. K2 is available many places. I buy mine from Puritan's Pride online (have been buying from them for 18 yerars).
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