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  1. Brownrecluse
    "Second to none"
    (Via Dr. Jennifer Derebery, House Ear)

    Being severely bilateral, already having had a laby and CI, I had never consulted with Dr. Derebery, even though she is in my county. My cardiologist had been insisting that I see her, so I finally relented. Went there, and I have to say, she is the real deal. I gave her a concise medical history, list of medications, test results from the past, list of my treatment history and current symptoms.

    I had a hearing test, had some wax removed from my ears first, and then she spent at least 45 minutes with me and my wife going over options, cost/benefit, you name it. She was engaged, empathetic, precise. She did not try to sugarcoat where I am, which she noted was at the severe end of the Menieres spectrum. But she had several good ideas for potential improvement, and I will be attempting all of them.

    If you want someone who knows this disease cold, and who will give it to you straight, she is my pick. And I have seen more doctors for this illness than I care to recall. Be warned: she is not touchy-feely at all. She is analytical, objective, clinical. My wife and I prefer that. We want facts, not fluff. Dr. Derebery will give you that. She has given me some hope of improvement in hearing, balance and tinnitus. Not hyperacusis. Not eye issues. Not returning to anything like a normal life. But better. And where I am, that is enormous. Before you ask, no, I am not a relative of hers. I just respect her honesty, and maybe some of you out there would benefit from that as well.

    I should add that all the people at House Ear were great. Kind, efficient, concerned, knowledgeable. We Menieres folk do not often encounter such in our search for answers and help.
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    1. Bryan Goins
      i wanted to go see Dr Derebery but she is three states away. Im know this is an old post...but i was wondering if you did obtain any hearing improvement and if so, how did you do it? I was diagnosed with bilateral menieres 4 years back and my hearing in both ears has 95% gone. Im just looking to get back to maybe 20%
      Bryan Goins, Jul 14, 2021


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