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John of Ohio

JOH (John of Ohio) Regimen for Meniere's Disease details

  • For those of you looking, here is a copy of @John of Ohio's regimen. It's an alternative that's been very helpful to many where conventional treatments did not work:

    Course of the Disease. A diagnosis of Meniere’s disease is not promising. Meniere’s won’t directly kill you, but it is likely to make your life miserable in ways that few other diseases can. For some, conventional medical treatments will adequately moderate the symptoms. But for many, the disease progresses to continuing dizziness, episodes of profound vertigo, brain fog, tinnitus, and lastly, loss of hearing.

    Conventional medical treatments for Meniere’s are often disappointing or altogether ineffective. The standard initial treatment of dietary salt restriction and diuretics works for some, perhaps even many. But too often, Meniere’s victims must eventually confront their progressing predicament. The additional medical treatments of the disease aren’t hopeful. They include chemical destruction of inner ear tissues, difficult surgeries, use of sedatives, and a number of other extreme approaches, most of which are merely palliative. If any of these had high rates of success, tens of thousands with Meniere’s wouldn’t be chronic sufferers.

    In summary, conventional medicine in most cases has not been able to effectively treat or cure Meniere’s disease. It is almost universally regarded as idiopathic, meaning that its cause is unknown. Diseases of unknown causes don’t lend themselves to easy treatment. Meniere’s is a medical conundrum for doctors and patients alike. For those who have experienced it, it’s a frustrating, disabling, disheartening condition of complex symptoms and results. Initially, there may be only mild and infrequent dizzies, along with some ear fullness. But as the disease so often progresses, things can grow ever worse. It’s something you could wish only upon your worst enemies.

    My Experiences

    Meniere’s first struck me in 1995. It progressed to where I could barely function professionally. Consequently, I researched every treatment I could find, including approaches used in Europe and Russia. I discovered that foreign medicine approached the disease very differently from American physicians, and that some of these treatments gave more relief. I refused to accept the American dogma that Meniere’s treatments could be only palliative (merely suppressing some symptoms), or that I’d have to “learn to live with it.”

    I’m pleased to report that what I came up with, for me, completely extinguished all my Meniere’s symptoms, allowing me to return to a normal life. The disease took the hearing of my left ear, but I am now, for over a decade since devising and using this regimen, otherwise “normal.” Was this merely a common period of remission, or did my Meniere’s regimen actually work for others? Several years ago I had earlier versions of the regimen posted on Internet websites where others could intelligently try it.

    * * *
    In short, conventional medical approaches beyond the usual low salt diet and diuretics may entail significant costs. Therefore, it would be reasonable to at least consider a course on this regimen before embarking on surgeries or chemical labyrinthectomies. Everything about this disease is a considered gamble or risk. A trial of this regimen may be something you might want to consider before taking up any of the other, much more expensive approaches.

    This is a matter to be decided by you and your physician, of course. I have reported here what has continued to work so well for me for over 10 years, and now also for dozens of others who have reported their results. Perhaps hundreds of others have also gained relief without posting or reporting their welcome outcomes. I hope this information is useful and offers hope.

    So that others might intelligently consider it, users of the regimen are strongly encouraged to post their results, positive or negative, on the Meniere’s Talk Forum.

    You can download the full PDF report below.

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