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John of Ohio

Olive Leaf Extract Report --- A Success

  • Olive Leaf Extract for Meniere’s

    Some time ago (in the last century), the treatments for Meniere’s Disease (“Morbus Meniere,” the Latin name, “MM”) were limited. For many physicians, those are still the only treatment alternatives offered or recognized.

    The primary treatment was (and still is) “LSD,” low-salt and diuretic. The patient is told to go on a very low salt diet, and take daily doses of a prescribed diuretic. Presumably (but failing in so many cases) this regimen causes the body to excrete excess water, thereby reducing (supposedly) its accumulation in the inner ear, the hydrops symptom. The low salt presumably also reduces fluid retention in the inner ear.

    But, as so many with this treatment have discovered, it provided little or no persisting relief, if any at all. All that was offered beyond the LSD approach will not be elaborated upon, merely to mention various tranquilizers, injections into the inner ear, followed by various surgeries.

    For some, perhaps many, these did bring welcome, lasting symptomatic relief. But for so many others, any relief was temporal, followed by increasing progression of symptom severity. New approaches were in order.

    Two have come into more generalized usage. The most common, of course, is the prescription of several antiherpetic drugs, molecules that complicate and suppress herpes virus replication. With this — after often some lengthy period — herpes viruses inflaming inner ear tissues or associated nerves become suppressed and inactive. Symptoms decline or become absent.

    The second innovative 21st-century approach to MM treatment was mine, the John of Ohio Meniere’s Treatment Regimen, described here: http://www.zoominternet.net/~kcshop/JOH.pdf

    This approach likewise understands a herpes virus infection in the inner ear to be the root cause of MM. The virus is suppressed by the common amino acid lysine, an over the counter supplement. Lysine, as with antiherpetic drugs, complicates and disrupts herpes virus replication (however with a slightly different mechanism of action). Additionally, lemon bioflavonoid, another supplement, facilitates increased blood flow through inner ear capillaries and also facilitates diffusion of excess water out of the inner ear. Vinpocetine likewise increases blood flow. The other components of the regimen are described in the URL above.

    I’ve kept track of both public postings of successes and failures of my treatment regimen, along with those emailed to me. Presently, I have 280 user accounts. 247 have told of useful, even complete symptomatic relief. 33 regimen users got no relief, an 88% success rate. From the data I can find, it appears antiherpetics yield a similar success rate.

    But clearly, for some, little or nothing brings relief. LSD commonly fails. Injections and surgical procedures are not always successful. Even prescribed antihepetics and my over the counter supplements don’t work for all either.

    I present here another, new MM treatment approach. Only a very few have reported using it, with fewer reporting any results, positive or negative. But because of the very favorable results of one person’s trial of this new approach, I want to present this new treatment for others to try.

    First, because it is aimed at a medical condition, Meniere’s Disease, it should not be attempted without the approval of a professional medical advisor.

    Olive leaf extract, is commonly available and very safe. Known side effects are listed in detail here: Olive Leaf Side Effects.
    They include, among other things, reduction of blood pressure, loose stools (diarrhea), and potential inhibition of anticoagulant drugs. Again, be sure to consult with a physician or nurse practitioner before undertaking any Meniere’s treatment, new or old.

    Olive leaf extract is taken in 500 mg capsules or tablets. It has the component elenolic acid, which stops herpes virus replication.

    To treat an active case of MM, olive leaf extract (OLE) must be taken sufficiently, as to both dose and duration.

    It appears that to be effective anywhere from 2000 to 3000 mg must be taken each day, in separate 500 mg doses. For 2000 mg dosing that would be four doses, six for 3000 mg dosings.

    For most, it will be necessary to take the capsules or tablets with food or meals. When taken alone, OLE can cause diarrhea for some.

    It would be best, of course, to ease into the dosings. At the start, for a few days, take but one 500 mg dose, with a meal. Then, if no diarrhea or other side effects, go to two 500 mg dosings for a day or two. Work up to the 2000 or 3000 mg daily total, with doses spread out at different meals. It’s probably best to aim for the 3000 mg level, at least until symptoms subside for a while. It appears that 2000 mg, at least at the start, may not be enough to suppress the virus.

    One other thing may happen. OLE tends to kill off other pathogenic microorganisms, particularly fungi. This can bring on a feeling of sickness, as the body mobilizes to eliminate the newly-killed fungi. This is the Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction, well-known in medicine. Other antibiotic and oncological drugs can cause this. When it happens, one can immediately reduce the dosage and more slowly ease into higher doses. If the Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction happens, it is a good sign, indicating that the OLE is actually working.

    Here are two high-quality OLE products:


    Olive Leaf Extract 500 mg Supplement - Swanson Health Products

    This posting was prompted by an individual who got no relief from his Meniere’s symptoms. They had markedly impacted and degraded his normal living experiences. Couldn’t drive, etc. He emailed me and said that none of the other treatments gave him any relief, but the OLE did.

    Here is his first, earlier report.

    “Morning John, I want to keep you updated as to my results from taking OLE. I have NOT had any vertigo events for well over 3 weeks and it keeps on getting even better as the hearing in my Right ear has returned, somewhat!

    I have bi-lateral severe hearing loss due to Meniere's and need hearing aids to hear even a conversation. However, since the OLE, I have occasional periods of the R. ear "opening-up" so that I can hear much better in that ear. So far, the L. has not had that type of a response to OLE. HOWEVER, I continue to have hopes it too will respond.

    Not having any vertigo events is a true blessing as I was having them 2-3 times a day and at times waking up in the middle of the night having one! Yesterday was my first day out of the house in many months, and that was such a wonderful feeling! Tues of this week I had an appointment with my internist who was pleased to see me in his office rather than on the phone or emailing him with my concerns. I gave him the Reader's Digest version of what all I have been doing and handed him a copy of your research and suggestions for controlling Meniere's. We talked at length about the OLE and how it has made a major improvement in my life and he was open and asked many questions....

    So, for now, I will continue taking the OLE 3,000mg daily, 1 Vit C, 1,000mg BID. Lemon Bioflavonoid complex, 700mg, 1 BID. I still have some "brain fog" and balance issues, however, they too seem to be slowly improving.”


    Then, this recent report.


    “Just wanted to check in with you to let you know I continue to improve almost daily!

    About the only symptoms I have left are the full ear feeling and a tad off balance, but, that continues to improve!

    My daily dose of OLE is 3,000 mg per day only on a full stomach or else I have a bout with loose stool. I even drove the car today for the first time in over a year due to the vertigo events, and that felt like a major milestone in my recovery!!”

    One side effect from the high doses of OLE seems to be a increase in my bleeding and clotting time. I had a blood draw done for my annual PSA and I bled for longer than normal. I did not notice I was bleeding until I felt something "wet" on my arm and took a good look! My shirt was soaked as was my jacket sleeve, however, it all cleaned-up with H2O2. So, that might be something a user might be aware of.”


    Beyond the good results, two things to note. This person got diarrhea from the OLE when taken without food. And, it caused increased bleeding. Don’t take OLE if taking any sort of prescription anticoagulant, as a physician will likewise caution.

    Secondly, this person also takes portions of my other regimen, vitamin C (1000 mg twice a day, BID), and a lemon bioflavonoid capsule, once a day. These certainly can help.

    For those for which nothing else has worked, olive leaf extract may be worth a try. As with any of the other treatments, don’t expect any instant or quick result. Likely results will take a number or weeks, even two months or longer. But the results will be rewarding.

    Read about the information and many other health benefits of olive leaf extract here:
    Olive Leaf Extract, Everything You Need to Know

    –John of Ohio
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