Samuel C. Levine, MD

909 Fulton St. SE Minneapolis, MN 55455
  • Neurotologist

    Specialties and Services
    Audiology and Aural Rehabilitation
    Ear, Nose and Throat (Otolaryngology)

    Professor, Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
    Professor, Department of Neurosurgery
    Otolaryngologist, Neurotologist
    Hahnemann University
    Cleveland Clinic
    EAR Foundation

    Care and Clinical Interests
    Clinical Interests
    • Chronic Ear Disease
    • Chronic Ear Surgery
    • Hearing Preservation in Acoustic Tumors
    • Implantable Hearing Aids
    • Neurotology
    • Restoration of Hearing with Implantable Electronic Devices
    • Skull Base Tumors
    • Tinnitus
  • Medical School
    Hahnemann University, Philadelphia, PA

    Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

    EAR Foundation, Nashville, TN

    Board Certifications
    American Board of Otolaryngology
    American Board of Neurotology
  • Daramola OO, Shinners MJ, Levine SC. Secreting Jugulotympanic Paraganglioma With Venous Involvement into the Thorax. Laryngoscope. 2008 Apr 17.

    Silver RD, Djalilian HR, Levine SC, Rimell FL: High-resolution magnetic resonance imaging of human cochlea. Laryngoscope 112(10):1737-1741, 2002.

    Hopfenspirger MT, Levine SC, Rimell FL. Infectious complications in pediatric cochlear implants. Laryngoscope. 2007 Oct;117(10):1825-9.

    Janus SC, Djalilian HR, Levine SC, Keel S: Radiology quiz case 1. Otitis interna carcinomatosa. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 128(10):1213-1215, 2002.

    Djalilian HR, King TA, Smith SL, Levine SC: Cochlear implantation in the elderly: results and quality-of-life assessment. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol 111(10):890-895, 2002.


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