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Successful treatment from upper cervical adjustments

  • From Henrysullivan on our old forums:

    [Today, I feel the need to amend my first post here at Menieres.org. I find that there is so much in this thread that many who begin to go through it may get lost before they discover the meat of the subject. Suffice it so say, since posting these original thoughts I have been contacted by people all over the world who previously suffered with Meniere's, or what I term, Meniere's symptoms, and who followed my advice. There have been almost miraculous instantaneous recoveries. There have been recoveries that progressed with time. There have been recoveries which have been enhanced by doubling up with either osteopathic procedures or John of Ohio's regemin, or both. And there have been those who do not recover. Of the folks who have not recovered, I ask myself the following questions:

    1) Did they receive the proper treatment? Here I have always referred to treatment by a qualified upper cervical chiropractor, of whom NUCCA, AO and Blair methods have here been documented to have worked on selected individuals.

    2) Did they stay with the program long enough for it to make a difference? Some folks have had immediate changes in their symptoms. Some folks have taken 3-4 months for changes.

    3) Did these folks have irreparable nerve or tissue damage? If the tissues of nerves are such that restoration of the communication from the brain cannot repair them, there is little reason to believe that doing so would make any difference, even if the original cause of the symptoms was related to upper cervical misalignments.

    4) Have these folks had any irreversible surgeries performed prior to undergoing the treatment from a qualified upper cervical chiropractor? Invasive surgery could easily change the entire equation of the inner ear and the nerves that serve it.

    Suffice it to say that the folks whom have been helped will testify that there is no question that upper cervical chiropractic dealt directly with the cause of their symptoms. Medical science, by and large, does not agree with them. That is why since the outset I have advised people to view all sources of information on the subject as pure advice, to be weighed like any other advice. If it makes sense, follow it. If it does not, do not. Everyone is his or her foremost health advocate. In that same vein, everyone is his or her best doctor; everyone else is merely a consultant.

    Good luck, good blessings and good health to all.


    10/12/09 ]

    Hello all,

    I am new to this site, just found it. I hope you will find the information below useful. Fortunately, I have discovered the source of my own Meniere's symptoms and have learned to control them. With what I know now, I am confident that I can beat this disorder. I hope you will benefit from my experience.

    My wife was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia over 15 years ago. Fortunately for me, in our quest to find a cure for her we also found a treatment for my Meniere's, a treatment that works. In both of our cases, and I will bet in the cases of many (or most) who suffer with these disorders, the root cause is the same thing--a misalignment (subluxation of you will) of the first vertebrae, the Atlas Bone.

    If you suffer with Meniere’s, here's a simple test for you. (This test is just one indicator; it may not be fool-proof, but is one easy check for a problem.) Stand in front of a mirror so that you can see your shoulders and head. Close your eyes and look up to the ceiling. While looking upward, take the index fingers of both hands and place them horizontally (yes, pointing at each other) on each side of your jawbone just below the location that the bone hinges to the skull. The jawbone makes a kind of point there. Make sure that your index fingers are horizontal pointing at each other. Keeping your eyes closed, lower your head to a normal position. Open your eyes. If in the mirror one index finger is higher than the other, your upper cervical vertebrae are very probably out of alignment. This misalignment of the Atlas is the cause of the Meniere's I was diagnosed with last spring. It is also the cause of my wife's trigeminal neuralgia. In my case, the left side is higher than the right indicating that the Atlas is shifted to the left. Not coincidentally, my Meniere's symptoms are all on the left. Very simply, the treatment for this disorder is to just bring the Atlas back into adjustment using chiropractic methods. ***Important*** Not just any chiropractor can do this. So don't think that this adjustment won't help just because you have been to a chiropractor before. If you have the misalignment I refer to, see a chiropractor that specializes in the upper cervical area. One chiropractic discipline that specializes in that area is known as "Grostic." There is also an Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association that you can find on the web. In addition, there is a chiropractor in Michigan by the name of named Michael Burcon. Dr. Burcon has successfully treated hundreds of Meniere's and trigeminal neuralgia sufferers. Here is his website: BURCON CHIROPRACTIC.

    This is not magic. There is a very simple explanation why Meniere's can result from a misaligned Atlas Bone. My experience tells me that Meniere’s is fundamentally a mechanical disorder resulting in neurological symptoms (dizziness, inner ear fullness, hearing loss/distortion, vertigo, etc.) Erase the mechanical disorder, the neurological symptoms subside or go away entirely.

    Here’s what I mean. Note that at its closest point, the Atlas is about 1" to 1-1/2" away from the inner ear. If the Atlas shifts toward the inner ear, body tissues in that area become compressed. Some of those body tissues comprise the inner ear itself. Residing in the inner ear canals is a liquid known as Endolymphatic fluid. Like all body fluids, Endolymphatic fluids are constantly recycled, new fluids replacing old. The old fluids pass through a tiny duct on the way to the Endolymphatic sac. If as a result of a dislocated Atlas the surrounding tissues compress and close off the tiny duct allowing these old fluids to recycle to the body, a build up of fluids will result in the semi-circular canals becoming swollen. That is the "feeling of fullness" associated with Meniere's. Complicating the matter, the hearing nerve sending signals to the brain passes right by the duct carrying these old fluids off. Swollen passages pressing on the hearing nerve cause the Meniere’s sufferer to experience tinnitus or ear ringing. Under the circumstance I describe Endolymphatic fluid will continue to build up until the “dam” breaks allowing the older fluid to finally escape through this tiny duct. Afterward, swollen inner ear canals shrink back to a more normal size. It is during this “dam breaking” and “canal shrinking” that vertigo occurs. After vertigo, the fullness is gone, tinnitus subsides and the hearing becomes as normal as it can for the Meniere’s sufferer. Of course, then the cycle repeats.

    I would bet that repeated episodes of this phenomena could to some extent damage the semicircular canals and hearing nerve permanently, I don't know. Fortunately mine did not get that far before I figured out what was going on. For a detailed description of the theory that explains my symptoms, please refer to the PDF document I have attached. I have never uploaded anything to this site, so I hope it goes through. If anyone would like to get in touch with me or have a copy of this document emailed to you, please email at [email protected].

    I hope you find this information useful. I am interested to know whether the treatment that has helped me also helps you.

    Good luck!

    Hank Sullivan
    Cumming, GA
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