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10+years of Tinnitus and Meniere's

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by BT1, Dec 17, 2020.

  1. BT1

    BT1 New Member

    Dec 17, 2020
    Hold onto your seats! This is a bit of a long one, still haven't figured out what happened , thought sharing might help.

    Dec 2009- Laying in bed one night watching TV I begin to feel dizzy, felt like I had been drugged. Tried to "walk it off" thinking it was light headedness, after 20-30 mins it wouldn't go away so just fell asleep and felt ok the next day.

    A Couple Days Later- Tinnitus begins, high pitched ringing nothing too noticeable, maybe a 2-3/10.
    Couple days later while at work I begin to feel dizzy, left work and went home. Got home and instantly felt the spinning, couldn't lay down, couldn't stand up, began vomiting. This lasted for 1-2 hours before falling asleep for several hours. Upon waking up I felt exhausted.

    January 2010- DR's appointment- doctor said I probably have ear inflammation, prescribed Prednisone and to return in 1 month.

    February 2010, new symptoms- TMJ pain, clicking in the ear etc..
    DR schedules MRI and an ENT appointment.

    Spring 2010- MRI, ENT appt and hearing test. Could not hear higher pitch sounds on hearing test in my left ear, right ear was fine. Was told to return once MRI results were in. The rest of the Spring/Summer I felt fine, some tinnitus but no vertigo.

    Fall 2010- ENT specialist tells me I have Meniere's Disease. Asked what can be done. I was told nothing can be done and to not eat Chinese food. After 9+months of waiting and all I get was don't eat Chinese food! ?

    2010-2019 Tinnitus on and off weekly, jaw clicking, ear crunching etc. No episodes of vertigo. Basically learned to live with it.

    Fast forward...
    November 2019- first vertigo episode in 10 years, extreme spinning, vomiting, ear ringing etc. Lasted for a couple hours before falling asleep.

    Dec-2020- vertigo while working from home, spinning, vomiting etc. . went to bed woke up 2 hours later back to "normal"

    Throughout the last 10+ years I've researched Meniere's and Tinnitus for hours on end. Thought about who, what, where, when and why.
    I believe this problem is caused by me or my lifestyle.
    My mother is the biggest health nut you can imagine so I've taken everything from Vitamin C, Gingko, B12, D3 with some results. Chiropractor, Osteopath TMJ Dentist etc.
    Nothing provided much relief, but in all fairness, I never gave it much of an effort. A couple appointments here and there, vitamins and supplements for a week or two and just gave up.

    Like I said, I believe something caused this to happen.

    2008 -was in a major car accident, t-boned while in the passenger seat, walked away with only some neck pain. Never thought about it until years later.

    Summer 2009- had really bad allergies and decided to use a neti pot with mixed results, never thought about it until years later.

    Summer 2009- began wearing glasses for distance. Never thought about it until years later.

    Background- was in my 20's when this happened. Now in my 30s- work a desk job 8 hours a day, smoke cigarettes and drink coffee- both of which I have cut back on but need to change that going forward.

    Is this just poor circulation from years of smoking and working at a desk for 8 hours a day? Could the car accident have caused a shift in my neck which then led to TMJD and Tinnitus? Can wearing glasses cause vertigo and ear issues? Did the neti pot used a month prior have caused an ear infection or drainage issue? Why does this seem to always happen in November/ December? Is this seasonal?

    These are the questions I ask everyday haha. My Tinnitus is constantly at a 4-5/10. Which I consider "manageable". Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks in advance!
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2020
  2. Donamo

    Donamo Active Member

    May 12, 2014
    Wow! Your doc was great! Mine just said "there is no cure, here's a brochure" and sent me home. He never mentioned the Chinese food! :(
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  3. IvanA

    IvanA Active Member

    Apr 30, 2020
    There is no known cure, this works based on trying things, but in a serious and prolonged way, not just two weeks. Read in the forum database and you will see things that worked for some people and you can try them out. The ones with the most positive reports from users are the JOH regimen and antivirals (both are based on the fact that many Menieres can be caused by a virus).

    There are other things for the viral cause like olive leaf extract, high vitamin C, etc. Read through the database and decide which one to start with.

    Other users have reported improvement after treating the viral cause along with other causes such as allergies or changes to a diet without carbohydrates or cereals, but I do not know much.

    There are also reports of people cured or greatly improved by treating a TMJ, going to the chiropractor, discovering and treating an autoimmune disease, thyroid problems, anemia to certain vitamins or iron, food intolerances such as gluten or lactose, etc.

    There is a lot of information in the forum, but each Meniere is unique and you have to test things and decide if you feel improvement or not. I would start with the viral cause because it is usually the one that brings the best answers from other users, but I warn you that it does not usually give results in two weeks, hold six months before deciding.

    Cheer up!
  4. Rubygirl

    Rubygirl Member

    Oct 4, 2020
    The "quick list":
    1. Follow the "John of Ohio Regimen" - found on these forums
    2. Add to it a B Complex vitamin so that you end up getting 100mgs of the basics (like 100mg of B6, B5, etc.)
    3. Add to it Pycnogenol. I would say 50mg-100mg per day.
    4. Add to it Reduced Glutathione. As recommended on the bottle.
    5. If you can get it, go for an IgG Food Allergy test (search on this topic for recommended labs) and also an IgE food allergy test. Then you can remove things that your body is clearly reactive to
    6. Reduce your daily salt intake to under 2000 mg/day. This takes diligence and reading every label. Eating food from a restaurant is a disaster as they load everything with salt and one meal alone can be more than your whole day's worth!
    7. Go to the doctor and make sure your hormones are all normal (esp. thyroid), your vitamin D status is good, and the other basic stuff.
    I believe these are the basics.... It's a lot of a change all at once but give it a good "go"! Everything above is all in line with the pursuit of optimal general health so it's worth it to keep at it!

    And yes, if you have known head/neck issues then regular visits to the chiropractor will help.

    Good luck!
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  5. Sandra005

    Sandra005 Member

    Jul 11, 2020

    Hey I'm not a doctor but the only symptom that sounds like meniers is the vertigo lasting a couple of hours.
    Meniers hearing loss is usually low frequency and so is the tinnitus. Obviously you know as you've been researching for years.
    I honestly think doctors diagnosed based just on the length of the vertigo as everything else is so similar.
    I have high pitch tinnitus and only get the spinning sensation when laying down so I could have anything. I get tinnitus in both ears not at the same time and got it first thing in morning after I went to a funfair. Sounds like crystals been dislodged but I have tinnitus too. It's very strange meniers. Don't think I'd cope w
    After reading your post I've convinced myself I have meniers. I have all your symptoms the o my difference is I've had the spinning lasting a couple of minutes. I wish you luck and hope there's a cure for this horrible illness

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