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Hot sensations in Ears and popping can anyone relate?

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Angela, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. Angela

    Angela New Member

    Jun 2, 2019
    Hi Everyone,

    I don’t often contribute but I use this forum on a regular basis so thank you for your continued support, I am a 41 year old kiwi but live in Australia and I find that this is the most informative and supportive group I have come across, I know most of you are in the US but there are no similar groups in AU.

    I have had MD for 2 years, I have had some difficult patches particularly after a very stressful situation I went through last year when I had attacks every day for about 4 months, last August was my last and since then I have been vertigo, fullness and almost tinnitus free, even my hearing in my MD ear seems to have improved but maybe it’s because when I had it tested was when my tinnitus and fullness were at it’s worst, I am back speaking on the phone with my MD ear with no problems which is good, the tinnitus is very low level and I only hear it in a quite room.

    Even though I have been symptom free, I have been suffering other issues on a daily basis but what concerns me most is that these issues are now in both my ears -

    I have hot/burning sensations in both ears and sometimes a strange feeling of liquid moving around, the hot sensation is the worst as it makes both ears and my throat get inflamed and my ears go bright red, both ears have slight pain inside and all these symptoms are worse when I get stressed or even the slightest amount of pressure, I manage a large department in finance so my work can be busy and sometimes stressful but it shows in my ears immediately and then takes hours to settle back down, I also have a bit of fullness at the same time of this burning sensation but I can pop my ears or chew gum to clear, from experience I know you can’t do this with MD fullness. I can even flick my ear and they will immediately go red for hours with that burning sensation deep down.

    My main concern is the ear burning and throat inflammation and the fact this is now in both ears, does anyone else have this? I have also had dizzy spells come back in the last week, hoping this is not the start of another challenging period but if I know that the MD is in just the one ear, it wouldn’t concern me as much as I am someone who has no issues taking drastic steps if MD brings me down but the fact that these other symptoms are in both ears freak me out!

    I know that there is such a thing as Red Ear Syndrome and just inflammation caused by stress/pressure but the fact I do have MD in one ear does make me feel worried. My ENT doesn’t think the inflammation/hotness and brief ear ache is MD related but I just find it all a little too much of a coincidence.

    Anyone else that can relate?
  2. Irishstu

    Irishstu Member

    Apr 28, 2019
    Hi angela. Sorry to hear you are going through this. Your symptoms dont sound typical of MD symptoms and i dont recall seeing anyone on this forum with similar symptoms. I also ran a large finance dept and honestly was very stressed for a while and i think thats what brought my condition on. I now have a more relaxed job and i am on the JON regime and have more good days now. I was wondering what helped you get relief of your syptoms like vertigo, tinnitus and fullness? Or did it just get better by itself?
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  3. Angela

    Angela New Member

    Jun 2, 2019
    Hi Irishstu, thanks for your message, yes it seems these symptoms are not typical of MD, I have been trawling through every forum possible and no one else appears to have similar problems, I am wondering if it might be anxiety or neck related or both, I don't feel particularly stressed however my life is busy, I have a 4 year old, I am renovating my house, a demanding job and I am on the go go go all the time. I have noticed that my symptoms ease off when I go home at night but they start building up again in the mornings with the liquid feeling in both ears, mild ear pain and the burning sensation in both ears and neck area, I go running every day but perhaps I need to start meditation or something.

    I guess I have been freaking out because I have had the return of mild daily dizziness in the last 2 weeks that I have not had since August last year and then these other symptoms in both ears have gotten worse in the last few weeks, so it's making me concerned that I am bilateral. As it's only mild daily dizziness and not attacks, I don't know which ear is playing up.

    My attacks in August just disappeared, I didn't do anything specific, didn't even follow low salt or JOH, I even continued to drink wine on the weekends to relax...... it just went away. It just seems like too much of a coincidence that since I was dx with MD that I have these other ear problems in both ears and it's driving me a bit bonkers. The constant inflammation all round my neck and ears make me feel completely shattered.

    It's nice that you have been able to move to a less stressful job, we are mortgaged up to the hilt, so me changing jobs is not really and option right now, plus I love it and it’s not that stressful as I am a great delegator

    I am glad you have your MD mostly under control for now, I hope it stays this way for you.

  4. meemil

    meemil New Member

    Oct 27, 2019
    The kind of slight swaying dizziness that lasts for days can be something else. (Neck related?) Do you have any feeling of fullness or sound distortion? If not, doesn't really seem like inner ear hydrops. ENT can do some tests to be 100% sure though.

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