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Icebox Cake

Discussion in 'Your Lovely Kitchen' started by BumbleBea, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. BumbleBea

    BumbleBea Fallen Angel

    May 13, 2014
    Some people call this pudding cake as well

    You will need Graham Crackers
    Vanilla pudding
    Chocolate pudding- or butterscotch pudding
    Always buy extra in case you need more

    Cook your puddings
    Take one of the packs of graham crackers and crunch them up for the top

    Line your pan or dish with whole graham crackers
    Then a layer of pudding
    Then a layer of graham crackers
    Then pudding
    Sprinkle crunchy graham crackers on top

    This is a fun recipe as you can play with the amounts of pudding verse crackers
    I always use a lot of pudding but I use an aluminum pan

    Have fun and enjoy
    I made mine with vanilla and butterscotch but most people use vanilla and chocolate

  2. Little one will love this.
  3. BumbleBea

    BumbleBea Fallen Angel

    May 13, 2014
    Thought so, have fun and let me know how it turns out. There's really no wrong way to do it and extra pudding still gets eaten. Graham's too.
  4. I will

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