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Need an advise !

Discussion in 'Your Writer's Den' started by Dgeordge Vrasevk, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. Dgeordge Vrasevk

    Dgeordge Vrasevk New Member

    Oct 3, 2020
    Hi guys ! Hope Y'all doing best !
    I've done MRI scan of Brain and Temporal bone, and it was clear, nothing was there in its report.
    I wanted to what should I do next ? As my MRI is clear, should I go to to Neurologist for checkup? My ENT specialist referred me Neurologist.... But im feeling hopeless....
  2. Diana

    Diana New Member

    Oct 20, 2020
    Yes, seeing neurology is part of the work up to determine or rule out the cause of your symptoms. If that checks out fine then I would request referral from your ENT for a otoneurologist evaluation. I was blessed to find mine at a teaching university/hospital. He did balance testing and after extensive health history questioning he verified what a previous ENT had already diagnosed meniere's. Otoneurologist is more specialized in inner ear conditions that can cause dizziness and balance issues. He sent me to a physical therapist who specialized in balance issues which was very beneficial.

    It's easy to give in to despair and hopelessness, but DON'T give up! There are treatments out there that can help drastically with the symptoms. I found taking a diuretic, following low salt diet and keeping track (diary) of triggers this has helped to decrease the symptoms. I ultimately have had steroid injections, endolymphatic sac decompression and just finished up with gentamicin ear injections. I've had meniere's for 20+ years now and have lost a lot of hearing in my right ear. I have found a hearing aid that helps quite a bit. Some treatments help for a time then seem to stop working, so you move on to the next thing. But don't EVER give up!!! I refuse to let this beat me. Not to say there haven't been very difficult days, weeks, etc. But I am blessed to have a doctor who won't give up on me either! Finding the right doctor was key for me. Best of luck!

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