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New kid on the block here -- hello, all...

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Harry B, May 14, 2019.

  1. Harry B

    Harry B New Member

    May 14, 2019
    Hi everyone. Well, at 66, I guess I am not so much a kid any longer.

    I first noticed one day about 3 years ago that I had a roaring in my left ear; figured I must have gotten some water in there during a shower. The noise came and went over a period of months. I finally went to my doctor, thinking maybe I had a wax buildup or something, but was referred to an Otolaryngologist. I had an audiology exam and it was noted that I had a slight hearing loss. The Oto doc ordered a brain MRI to rule out some of the more dire diagnoses -- ultimately was told I had Meniere's. Over time, the episodes lasted longer and longer, with shorter intervals between them. Finally, in September 2017, it started once again and hasn't let up since. Subsequent audiology sessions have tracked worsening hearing in that left ear. I joke with my wife that I have a permanent heart monitor in my left ear; I can hear my heartbeat all the time when I am awake. To aid with sleeping, I have a white noise generator in our bedroom.

    I felt fortunate in that I had never had an episode of vertigo. Then... wham! About six months ago, it hit me for the first time; about 45 minutes of scary hell. I almost called 911, thinking I might be having a stroke, but recalled that I had been advised it was likely I would eventually experience something like this. My wife and I embarked on a 15-day trip to Africa and I forgot about it (though, looking back, I am ever so thankful that I didn't get an episode while there, out in the wild -- wouldn't wanna stand out from the group and become lion bait!). I got a second attack in February, while driving, but had enough warning that something was coming, and the presence of mind to pull over into a safe area and ride it out.

    Now, it's fully here -- five of the past six days, about 45 minutes of rotation, replete with involuntary eye movements. I was prescribed 2 mg of Diazepam, which, I think, helps a little to reduce the severity and duration of the attacks, but this run has been tough.

    If anyone has any advice on how best to deal with the vertigo attacks, I am, ahem, all ears (well, one, anyway). I lead an active life; am retired but still do some part-time consulting work. Fortunately, I have the option of teleworking pretty much any time I want, but I do NOT want to have this cause me to be a shut-in. I admit that, in the past few days, I have contemplated just staying home, as I fear that the next one may occur when I am in a very vulnerable, out-in-the-open situation. I mentioned that we travel -- take one big trip a year, which I really love to do, and is one of the reasons I still work. I am now even fearing that those days may be over. Again, any advice and counsel that anyone here can offer -- bring it on!

    Thank you in advance, and I hope that, down the road, maybe I can be of help to someone who asks for it.
  2. Rich

    Rich New Member

    Apr 21, 2019
    West Virginia
    Hi Harry, You came to the right place, this forum has been very helpful for me in dealing with MD. Are you trying any supplements?
  3. Harry B

    Harry B New Member

    May 14, 2019
    Thanks, Rich!

    Which supplements do you recommend? Until the vertigo started, I must confess I wasn't that invested in the process. I am now!

  4. Jimii

    Jimii New Member

    Apr 10, 2019

    I spent 18 years ignoring all the tolerable symptoms. Then like you whamo, the vertigo attacks came.
    Can't ignore it anymore.
    I have only had 2 so far (4/9 and 4/21). I think I averted the third one (5/7).
    When I felt it coming, (I had an hour of light/50% vertigo before the first two attacks) I took one 12.5 mg meclizine tablet and two glasses of water.
    I cannot be for certain this stopped it, but I will certainly try it again.

    I have been doing the B5/B6 for just over a month. I noticed no change with these vitamins.

  5. AnneT

    AnneT Active Member

    May 14, 2014
    For the vertigo attacks I have prescription Ativan (lorazepam) - it melts under the tongue. It may (hopefully!) make you fall asleep. I also use over the counter Gravol or meclizine. I sniff rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab - it helps the nausea and seems to prevent vomit. I carry a pack with all that everywhere I go.

    For preventing vertigo, some here have had spontaneous remissions. Some have been helped by antivirals, supplements, vitamins, allergy treatments.

    Do you mind telling us where you live? You might get good local doctor suggestions.

    Some go the procedure and surgical route. (I’ve been down all of the above paths and am waiting for these definitive treatments. My hearing and balance are sucky and the vertigo attacks have made me nearly housebound so it’s time for gentamicin injections and/or laby.)

    Lots of good info here. Check it out. My only advice, which I wish I’d listened to years ago, is to not wait too long for surgical treatment, if the medical, supplements etc, haven’t helped. I’ve suffered terribly, on and off, for about 12 years now. I wish I hadn’t been so scared and stubborn!
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  6. Fisherman42

    Fisherman42 Active Member

    Sep 5, 2014
    Hey Harry nice to meet you! I take Most of the JOH regiment (you can use the search here to get info) and I take AV’s and allergy shots. This “cocktail” has stemmed my symptoms and the vertigo is gone. I still have the tinnitus and fullness on and off but I can live with that. Search Dr. Gacek and read up on the AV’s to see if it’s for you, the program is in his info. Keep your chin up this thing can be a bastard hit me back if you have questions.

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