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Sweet child o' mine

Discussion in 'Your Writer's Den' started by solari, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. solari

    solari MM.org Janitor Staff Member

    Admin Post
    One night my sweet little nephew woke up screaming from a nightmare terror, trying to fight off an imaginary foe. He was too terrified to even tell us what it was and couldn't stop crying. He cuddled next to me on the couch so I gave him calming Reiki. After a short while I felt the tension melt away from him and he was ready to go back to sleep. I gently lifted him in my arms, carried him back to bed, and quietly gave him a stone I charged up with Reiki to protect him. I told him to hold onto it and if his nightmare came back, to hold it up and it would shine blue light out and protect him. He smiled sleepily and said the stone felt hot. I smiled back, said "Yay! You can feel the power!", and gave him a kiss on his forehead as he conked out for the rest of the night.

    The next night he asked if I could be woken up if he had a nightmare again and be with him. I said sure, gave him a big ole hug and told him not to forget his stone, that it was forever charged with Reiki. He asked me to charge it up more and make it hot again so I did and he carried it back to bed with such a cute, confident smile.

    This brought me back to the prior night where I held him, his head against my chest, as I carried him back to bed and it reminded me of that beautifully tender and special kind of love for children who put their big ole hearts inside yours. I fell backwards in time to when my daughter was a wee one and would often climb and curl into my lap, leaning back on my chest, sucking her thumb and tugging on her little ear, content for all the world in her little cocoon with Daddy, wanting to stay there forever.

    This kind of love, this bond... causes my heart to overflow... like a cup brimming over with tea... it spills over, pouring all over in an indescribable way that can't be contained. Like the words I write cannot handle the meaning properly, they burst into silence instead, incapable of proper expression because if it were defined, it would be contained and it's just not possible with love like this.
  2. BumbleBea

    BumbleBea Fallen Angel

    May 13, 2014
    Oh my but I do understand.
    I a, fortunate enough to relive those kinds of moments with my grandchildren.
    That feeling of absolute love never goes away and my heart tightens just remembering those days.

    Very eloquently written.
  3. This has brought back some memories. Maybe memories that I just forgot or maybe even wanted to.

    Thank you!
  4. solari

    solari MM.org Janitor Staff Member

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  5. Cjbeau

    Cjbeau Member

    Apr 8, 2015
    So sweet. Thanks for bringing me back to those beautiful days. I can remember rocking my newborn daughter in the middle of the night, watching as the snow fell peacefully and thinking about how perfect life was in that moment. My daughter starts high school next week and my other daughter starts middle school. I love them more and more every day. Unbelievable.

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