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Discussion in 'Your Writer's Den' started by solari, May 12, 2015.

  1. solari

    solari MM.org Janitor Staff Member

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    The other day after I woke up I was sitting on the porch drinking my coffee.

    Something nudged me to get up and go out there to the landing/deck

    So I got up and walked out there.

    It felt real good out there

    Then this breeze literally bumped into me

    Yet it went right through me

    Into my soul

    It stopped all of me for a brief moment

    I was flooded with this intense familiarity not of this world

    I can't really describe it well,

    Whatever it was, it was very beautiful, very comforting, and very real.

    And very transformative -- I just stood there, eyes wide open staring

    Then I got a very clear telling, a sense

    To wander northwest of here

    It kept pulling at me all day. I was thinking it would fade but it never did. So I got my stuff done and headed out in the afternoon.

    I didn't even have a destination in mind I just went where I was guided.

    I ended up about an hour and half away northwest from here

    Found this rather hidden/kinda secret trail

    I forget the name of it but there's a jeep trail you can take, its open to public so I drove down the trail to the trailhead.

    It was perfect synchronicity

    The moment I got there, thunderstorms loomed.

    I was undeterred

    I put on an emergency pocket poncho I kept in the car and walked

    The moment started I walking it poured...


    So as I walked it was like walking in a river

    I was somewhat familiar with this trail as I've read about it

    I walked for a few miles in the rain

    (so beautiful to walk in the woods in torrential rain; it's just different experience)

    Then the trail forked.

    I automatically took the right fork

    Walked another mile or so

    More rain

    And then I knew I had I arrived

    And the rain STOPPED.

    There I was in what's called "Disappearing Creek"

    It's majestic it; looks like a mini grand canyon out there

    Deep ravines with a creek rushing through like baby rapids

    I've never seen anything like it before

    Except in Costa Rica

    So I walked around the ravine for a couple miles as it crazily meandered through the woods.

    The creek disappears underground at the end of the biggest ravine

    I wanted to take photos but it was too dark and wet

    I just wanted to "be" there anyway

    There was a small, abandoned foot bridge crossing part of it

    I carefully made my way across, like the old days of bridges past

    The trail looped around and back to the beginning of the ravine

    It's really beautiful. Nothing like I've ever seen anywhere here

    I paused and gave my thanks to being able to experience such beauty.

    Then I started walking back

    and the rain started again

    All the way.

    Such crazy synchronicities.

    Ever since the moment that wind hit me that morning, my soul has been singing. The feeling is very ethereal.

    Like I'm inside a beautiful, lilting meditation.

    That breeze that bumped me was the most real thing I've ever felt because it went straight to my soul. Crazy

    You could say it knocked me out of my body

    and I'm still out of it! : )
  2. BumbleBea

    BumbleBea Fallen Angel

    May 13, 2014

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