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Discussion in 'Your Writer's Den' started by RoKo, May 23, 2015.

  1. RoKo

    RoKo Ron Kostiuk

    Apr 25, 2015
    Tiny Ontario

    In finding life's inner peace and calm
    Lies the purpose of one's true quest
    The key to the opening of this elusive dream
    Is held softly beating within the breast

    The ability to set aside the wrongs of the past
    Sets the mere settled and the contented apart
    The secret to finding true happiness in life
    Comes freely from the depths of the heart

    Qualities of the soul can never be disguised
    Deception will surely fail in hiding the scar
    An artificial smile or an apparel change
    Can't conceal our past or who we truly are

    Everyone carries their own set of burdens
    Show much compassion in the ways you live
    Peace is found by letting bygones be gone
    It's always best to forget as well as forgive

    Be in control and give thought when in anger
    Harsh words spoken, can never be withdrawn
    The choices we make this day sets our future
    Peace comes with letting all bygones be gone

    Do not expect an even score at each days end
    Nor equal treatment for acts of kindness done
    Be not disappointed by the tilt of life's scale
    You will find good return to receive even one

    Too late we discover the shortness of this life
    Too much time is wasted on who wins the game
    The real winners leave the game contented
    We all exit the playing field holding the same

    "And at the end, it's not the number of years that count.
    It's the number of years that counted"


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