Chakras and Meniere’s Disease: Restoring Balance

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Meniere’s Disease is a very frustrating condition. It’s rare, has no one cause, and is incurable. A person with Meniere’s may experience dizziness, ringing in their ears, temporary or progressive hearing loss, balance issues, and fatigue just to name a few symptoms. While there are continuing studies on getting to the roots of Meniere’s and finding treatments, there’s still a long way to go. Modern medicine offers a wide range of options for a patient, but none of those options speak to a person’s spiritual nature and energetic signatures like chakras.

What is a Chakra?

Energy Healing for Menieres

In the Hindu tradition, Chakras are swirling centers of energy in our aura. Each of these Chakras transmits messages to our entire body. There are seven main Chakras with other smaller ones poised in key locations. The condition of the Chakras–if they’re opened, blocked, unbalance, or aligned, reflects your personal condition in body, mind, and spirit.

Everything in your life influences the chakra system including illnesses like Meniere’s Disease. In order for our whole being to retain good health, the chakras require cleaning and balancing. Let’s look at each chakra and how it may reflect different issues or improvements in your Meniere’s symptoms.

Root Chakra

Your Root Chakra is at the base of your spine. If you think of your body as the proverbial house for your spirit, this would be your cellar, foundation, and cornerstone for everything else. Just like your spine supports your body, the Root Chakra supports the rest of your energetic body.

The Root Chakra appears red and vibrates with the Earth Element. For someone with Meniere’s, it’s the chakra that may reflect fears and uncertainties related to one’s condition. The center also contains data about your immune system and ideas about your daily needs–food, water, and security.

When your back hurts in the lower area, it often acts as a warning. Something needs your attention now. Be it stress or anxiety, this chakra is now out of balance or clogged. One of the easiest solutions for this is getting up and taking a walk. As you move, it shifts that chakra into a better spin. Also add red food to your menu including wine, along with something spicy for improved circulation. Carry sacred crystals like bloodstone, carnelian, garnet and red jasper, all of which energize and protect the Root Chakra.

Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is between your belly button and your Root Chakra. This is the center of pleasure in any form. It resonates with the color orange and the Element of Water.

Besides passion, there is a lot of emotion stirring around the Sacral Chakra. This is where you need to be working when you can’t trust your feelings or pessimism has been sneaking into your thoughts. The struggle is real for Meniere’s Disease patients–they may think a dizzy spell is coming, but it doesn’t (or it comes much later). It undermines self-confidence too.

When you need to get more creative with the manner in which you’re handling your disease, this is the chakra to clear and energize. There are a lot of options for your care, so don’t feel stuck with one or two. Get out there and try something different. It may just do the trick.

To boost the signal in this chakra, eat orange foods (carrots, oranges, orange bell peppers etc.). A little fancy food would do you good if it’s something you crave. Carry sacred crystals like golden agate, amber, citrine, and orange tourmaline.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located from your Solar Plexus up to the breastbone. This is where your warrior power resides. You want to be ready and able to fight against Meniere’s with all the tools you have – fight for wholeness.

Cleanse and activate this chakra when you need to act and remain aware of how things affect your condition. This chakra also regulates blood sugar, which can trigger a vertigo episode. When you find your Meniere’s giving you fuzzy brain, this chakra is out of tune.

An easy way to improve your Solar Plexus Chakra is getting more sunlight. For yellow foods think banana, lemon, and pineapple along with some grains. Ideas for sacred stones include amber, citrine, golden topaz, sunstone, and tiger’s eye.

Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is, well, located right above your heart in your aura. The color associated with this energy center is green and the Element is Air. For themes, let’s talk about love, love, love.

The Heart Chakra is the spiritual equivalent of a translator between your lower self and your higher nature. When our Heart Chakra sings, so do our emotions. Loving is easy, beauty is everywhere, forgiveness moves smoothly. The diagnosis of Meniere’s for some people feels very much like a broken heart. Their lives must transform because of this disease. It’s easy to lose self-love in the equation.

So, what is the answer? Don’t fear relationships. Explain your condition and how others can help (they will LOVE this). Let go of baggage that only makes your situation more complicated. Have compassion for yourself–you have done nothing wrong to get Meniere’s.

For green food, you have a ton of options in the vegetable and herb genres. Wear sprout green clothing. Sacred gems and minerals include rose quartz, green tourmaline (or green), jade, malachite, and moss agate.

Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is located where you’d expect: Near your throat in your auric field. This is a sensitive area for those with Meniere’s because neck injuries are one thing that increases the risk of developing this condition or making it worse. The color associated with the Throat Chakra is blue and the Element is Aether.

Having a clear and balanced Throat Chakra helps you communicate your symptoms and how they affect your life. It is important that you, your physician, and those you love to understand what’s happening, how they can help, and what you are doing for self-care.

Food-wise, consider blueberries or blackberries. Spice-wise, ginger, rosemary, and mint help keep this center spinning smoothly. Also, some neck exercises for this chakra are like head and neck rotations in Meniere’s physical therapy. Sacred stone options include blue lace agate, lapis, turquoise, and aqua aura.

Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra vibrates in the middle of your forehead. This is your center of perceptions – what you see in yourself now and what you envision for the future. This is also where your extrasensory signals originate.

With Meniere’s, having a hopeful sense for yourself is powerful medicine. Attitude matters, and it also lifts your spirit. Being open to your Third Eye Chakra provides you with important moments of insight too. “Hey, that meeting I had where pictures were taken – man I thought I would have an episode.” You discovered a trigger – thank your Third Eye Chakra for being open.

Another reason Third Eye Chakra balance is important with Meniere’s is because it is the seat of your central nervous system. Meniere’s already impacts the way your eyes and ears interpret the world. When the Third Eye Chakra is closed or fuzzy, it only makes matters worse.

Admittedly the fact that the Third Eye Chakra resonates with dark blue makes food items difficult. However, you can find something like blue-black in some juices and even wines. As for gems, consider amethyst, celestite, iolite, sapphire, and sugilite.

Crown Chakra

Vibrating at the top of your head, the Crow Chakra is where we maintain our connection with angels, spirit guides, and the Divine. The colors associated with this energy center are purple and whites.

The concept of being one with the Universe starts here. While that sounds big, it also means everyday actions and thoughts too. While you are a physical being with some physical limitations, you are also of stardust and dreams. Your Third Eye Chakra helps you with discernment and problem-solving. When you find a treatment that gives you some relief from Meniere’s symptoms or decreases their severity, this is also the chakra of gratitude.

Food supporting the Crown Chakra are things that are fresh and organic. Hit the farmer’s market and have fun. Just avoid too much meat as it slows your processing time down. For energetic stones, try celestite, clear quartz, Herkimer Diamond, lepidolite, moldavite, peacock ore, and selenite.

Meniere’s Disease & Balancing Chakras

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As you can see, you and your environment affect the condition of your chakras. But, the chakras also affect you. The purpose behind balancing your chakras is that of getting the energy of life flowing in a sustaining and healthful matter in our lives daily to the best of our ability. There are various ways that people work on their chakras. These include:

  • Affirmation
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Color Therapy
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Hands-on Energetic Healing
  • Holistic / Alternative Medicine
  • Massage
  • Meditation and Visualization
  • Pranic Healing
  • Sound / Music Therapy
  • Reiki
  • Yoga

And that is just a sample listing!

But let’s look at some examples of what you can do in the comfort of your own home in terms of re-tuning a chakra you feel isn’t working as it should be based on your symptoms and emotions.

Chakra Healing for Meniere’s Patients

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Chakra 1–Root Chakra:

Walk barefoot in nature when practicable. If your condition leaves you worried about money, start a savings account for medical costs. Shake your booty–loosen up those hips! Burn myrrh or cedar incense in your personal space.

Chakra 2–Sacral Chakra

Practice self-care (being less critical of yourself). Soak in a bath with luxurious aromatics. Do something romantic. When you achieve even a small goal, it’s time to celebrate. Burn sandalwood incense in your personal space.

Chakra 3–Solar Plexus

Open your curtains and let the sun into the room. Spend time with supportive family and friends. Retrain yourself for positive self-affirmations. Burn lemon or chamomile incense in your personal space (chamomile tea works too).

Chakra 4–Heart Chakra

Do something for you, just you. Don’t put it off. Be open to receiving love and kindness from others. Dare to dream. Burn rose or orange incense in your personal space.

Chakra 5–Throat Chakra

Sing to the trees–they don’t care if you are off tune. Speak up for yourself and others. Learn how to say no and mean it. Burn lavender and sage in your personal space.

Chakra 6–Third Eye Chakra

Listen and observe more–talk less. Open yourself to your intuitive self and work on trusting what it tells you. Give credit where credit is due (that means you too). Burn jasmine and patchouli in your personal space.

Chakra 7–Crown Chakra

Practice daily meditations. Watch movies or read books that lift your spirits. Spend quiet time where you can focus on the Divine or Universal energy and your place in the greater scheme of things. Burn frankincense in your personal space.

The process of balancing and healing chakras can be complex. The severity of your situation will influence how difficult it is to get chakras back into balance. If you find that these suggestions aren’t helping, reach out to an energy worker, one with some knowledge of Meniere’s Disease, its symptoms, and overall impact on a person’s body and emotions.

Finding a Good Energy Healer for Meniere’s Disease

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If you feel you need experienced help with your chakras, you may feel a little uneasy about just showing up on a stranger’s door. There are ways you can find a respected healer, the first of which is asking people in your community if they know anyone. We do not recommend long-distance work. You want “hands-on” attention here.

Once you get a reference or two, set up a meeting where you can ask questions.

  • Do they have any training, licensure, or certificates?
  • How long have they been doing this type of healing?
  • Do they have a background in psychology or other similar studies?
  • How long are sessions?
  • What does treatment cost?
  • What about follow-up questions or problems?

Red Flags:

  • People who do not encourage you to continue with the care plan from your primary physician.
  • Individuals who recommend a therapy or supplement that’s outside the realm of their general practices.
  • Anyone who frightens you by their comments or process.
  • People unwilling to tell you about the process beforehand without defensiveness or evasion.
  • Individuals or professionals who make promises of miracle cures.
  • Anyone who works in dirty or cluttered spaces.

Summing it All Up: Tuning Up Your Chakras

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Your energetic chakra system can help minimize some of the suffering you might endure when dealing with Meniere’s Disease. Likewise, Meniere’s can throw your chakras out of balance. Tuning into the energetic centers running parallel to your spine can help you feel better. It can also give you some easy to use coping tools for dealing with your condition.

One final note: If you have done your groundwork ahead of time, you shouldn’t run into these situations. This is your body, mind, and your spirit. You deserve respect, so make sure you get it.


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