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Discussion in 'Your Fun 'n Games Room' started by Andrea1962, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. BumbleBea

    BumbleBea New Member

    Swedish fish
    Chocolate covered sugar wafers
    Chocolate covered raisins

    Gimme 5 reasons to keep fighting MM
  2. Lorrie K

    Lorrie K New Member

    My grandson
    Hope for a better future
    My pitbull
    To be an inspiration to others in the same battle
    Because there is no other choice

    Gimme 5 things that truly make you happy
  3. Halos

    Halos New Member

    Family, Friends, Reading, Water Skiing and Snow Skiing

    What 5 things you can't do without?
  4. Aliza

    Aliza I'm still standing, alone but upright

    food, shelter, water, air, and God

    5 ways you love to cook?
  5. LadyGeorgia

    LadyGeorgia New Member


    Gimme 5 things you want to do in life
  6. Halos

    Halos New Member

    See my daughter grow up
    Build a house
    Learn a foreign language
    Learn to play the guitar or piano

    Gimmie 5 things that you wish you could do?
  7. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    Breath Underwater
    Play second base for the Baltimore Orioles
    Play Quarterback in the NFL
    Win the Masters

    What are your five favorite pizza toppings?
  8. BumbleBea

    BumbleBea New Member

    Meat balls

    Gimme five things you've done lately
  9. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    Eat healthy
    Went to movies
    Returned Xmas gifts

    Gimme 5 things you have done lately?
  10. BumbleBea

    BumbleBea New Member

    Registered daughter for another semester at college
    Started shopping for a November wedding
    Reorganized dresser drawers
    Started walking dog once a day
    Trying to cut down on sleep time

    Gimme five things you think about when you're sad.
  11. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    Sick children in hospitals
    My kids
    Going to te beach
    Beautiful women

    Gimme 5 people you would rather be for a week than yourself?
  12. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    Mick Jagger
    The Pope
    Brad Pitt
    Tom Brady
    My Kids

    Gimme you 5 favorite music groups/singers
  13. BumbleBea

    BumbleBea New Member

    The eagles
    Bon jovi
    Maroon 5
    Sheryl Crow

    Gimme five of your favs
  14. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    Rolling Stones
    Elton John
    Rod Stewart
    Bruce Springsteen

    Gimmie your 5 favorite movies?
  15. BumbleBea

    BumbleBea New Member

    So hard!

    Jason Bourne movies
    Now you see me
    Kiss the Girls
    Hunger games
    Oceans 11 series

    What's yours?
  16. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    A river runs through it
    Shawshank Redemption
    Dead Poet Society
    Top Gun
    Rocky I and II

    Gimme your 5 favorite ice cream flavors?
  17. BumbleBea

    BumbleBea New Member


    Cookie dough

    Gimme five people you connect with but don't see anymore :)
  18. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    My 5 ex-girlfriends

    Gimme your 5 favorite actors?
  19. BumbleBea

    BumbleBea New Member


    Vin Diesel
    Mark Wahlberg
    Tom Cruise
    Liam Niesen
    Tom Selleck

    Gimme five actresses you like
  20. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    Nicole Kidman
    Selma Hayek
    Annette Benning
    Meg Ryan
    Meryl Streep

    Give me your 5 favorite snack foods?

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