I love the smell of.....

Discussion in 'Your Fun 'n Games Room' started by Bastet, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. burd

    burd New Member

    morning air
  2. Shining

    Shining "knowing is half the battle" ~~~GI Joe

    The special oil I use to clean my keris knives. Mmmmm. Chocolate criossants. Cooking during the holidays. Incense in the Temple. olive oil. Sherry wine. :)
  3. Donis

    Donis Bilateral Menieres/MAV...

  4. mcdizzy

    mcdizzy "Now Who's the Dumbass Dumbass"

    Me too!!! :)
  5. Donis

    Donis Bilateral Menieres/MAV...

  6. kay

    kay New Member

    yeasty hot bread
  7. phildsc

    phildsc New Member

    fields of blueberries
  8. mcdizzy

    mcdizzy "Now Who's the Dumbass Dumbass"

    fresh coffee brewing
  9. Bastet

    Bastet New Member

    lavender, gasoline, leather, rose oil
  10. rose

    rose New Member

    vanilla, fresh cut grass, roses, orange blossom, jasmine
  11. joy

    joy New Member

    Am I the only person who doesn't like the smell of fresh cut grass? :p
  12. Sheri61

    Sheri61 New Member

    I love the smell of 'puppy breath'!
  13. joy

    joy New Member

    Ew ... nope, sorry, can't go there either... :p
  14. leviticus

    leviticus Jonah's whale

    Do you have to cut the grass JoY????
  15. joy

    joy New Member

    Well, no, but sometimes I have to pull the weeds. ::)
  16. leviticus

    leviticus Jonah's whale

    Thats what I thought!!!
  17. Bastet

    Bastet New Member

    I love the smell of fresh cut grass, eucalyptus trees, a whiff of Guittard Chocolate Factory going down Highway 101
  18. leviticus

    leviticus Jonah's whale

    A whiff of chocolate, now that would be good!!!
  19. Donis

    Donis Bilateral Menieres/MAV...

    baby powder
  20. wendylynn

    wendylynn New Member

    the rain

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