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Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by dizzy teacher2, Aug 19, 2012.

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  1. AnneT

    AnneT New Member

    Me again. Freaking out - suddenly today everything sounds like I'm in a fishtank, and now my L ear is screaming louder than my R.
    (I've gotten used to the R sided deafness/hyperacousis/tinnitus. Haven't had a major vertigo since I got off Wellbutrin and Effexor - just a few episodes of 'holy crap' 30 sec vertigo followed by migraine.)

    It's freaking me out because it seems completely random, except for some warmer weather which sometimes sets off my migraines. I'm terrified I'll lose the rest of my hearing, and/or get a bad vertigo, and I'm supposed to drive my kids several places later today. Crap crap crap.
  2. AnneT

    AnneT New Member

    Sorry, so my question is: in your experience, does worsening tinnitus precede worsening hearing/vertigo? Or is it mostly random?

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