Where are you from ????

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by iowatriker, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. survivedit

    survivedit New Member

    Flagstaff, AZ, USA
  2. SpinininOhio

    SpinininOhio New Member


  3. Motor City Spinner

    Motor City Spinner New Member

    Near Detroit Michigan
  4. bryant99

    bryant99 New Member

    Live in Danville,IL.Been here basically all my life.Lived in Texas for about a year about 20 years ago.
  5. Tinka

    Tinka New Member

    I was born and raised in Zimbabwe (caucasian) I have been living in New Zealand for the past seven years
  6. DougHa

    DougHa It is in God's hands

    This is a good thought. I am originally from central Massachusetts, but live in north central North Carolina.
  7. Moe

    Moe New Member

    I live on a four wheeler down by the pond. I thank God for sparing whatever was left of my head.

    Oh I'm sorry....I live in the Detroit, MI area. Actually south of the suburbs.
  8. ToniG

    ToniG Guest

  9. LoopyLuci2

    LoopyLuci2 New Member

    Born in the Ozarks and now living and enjoying east Tennessee.
  10. moz414

    moz414 New Member

    Born in Scotland, raised in Barnsley South Yorkshire and currently living just outside London! Got 4 more years to serve Queen and Country and then thinking about moving to New Zealand.
  11. LisaB

    LisaB New Member

    Novi, MI. Lisa
  12. AzGrandma44

    AzGrandma44 New Member

    Casa Grande, Az........ Having a difficult time here with Drs. as they are really unsure of treatments. any suggestions?
  13. Ifishdizzy

    Ifishdizzy New Member


    Could you add me to the map? I am about 3/8 of an inch to the right of Pardonme, in Concrete, Washington.

    BTW, it's not always that pretty here as in the pic...right now it is cold, wet and ugly since we had so much rain and the river went 9' over flood stage a couple weeks ago.

  14. waterloo2

    waterloo2 New Member

    Hi all

    Im from the UK

  15. kristy

    kristy New Member

    There's quite a few of us from Michigan. I am in the northeast subarbs of Detroit.
  16. Willie Marie

    Willie Marie New Member

    So how do you add yourself to the map? I am a bit computer "stupid" adn I can't figure it out.

    Willie Marie
  17. theoldguard

    theoldguard Guest

    Born and raised in Nashville, TN. I am now at Camp Casey, Korea, in US Army.
  18. peggoins

    peggoins Stop the world from spinning!!

    Born and raised in "ALMOST HEAVEN , WEST VIRGINIA" ;D
  19. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

    Born and raised in Toronto, Canada.

    Spun my way south to the tropics (Caribbean) ::)

    Hung my hat on a Coconut tree in 1989 and been here ever since. :eek:

    If I have to live with this "BEAST" then it will be in Paradise. ;)
  20. mcfarkus3

    mcfarkus3 New Member

    Go down the frappr page about halfway. On the left side is a line that says "Add yourself". Click this and follow the directions.

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