Hilary A. Brodie, MD, PhD

2521 Stockton Blvd. Suite 5200 Sacramento, CA 95817
  1. Brownrecluse
    "Really appreciate Dr. Brodie"
    (Via Top notch Meniere's doctors--)

    The other doctor I want to mention is Hilary Brodie, in downtown Sacramento, the state capital, in Northern California. He is the chairman of the Otology and Neurotology group in the Otolaryngology Department at the University of California, Davis. He has a superb team assisting him as well.

    I have a cochlear implant. I also have some newly-arising, very severe, life-threatening health problems for which I need MRI's for diagnostic purposes. Lots of hospitals and imaging centers will not do MRI's on patients with cochlear implants for fear the powerful MRI magnets will rip the magnet in the cochlear implant out of the patient's head. Thanks to the Cochlear people, my wife discovered that there is a head wrap for cochlear patients that prevents that from happening for patients with cochlear implants having a Tesla rating of 1.5 or less (those of you with implants will understand if you look at the card you should have listing the technical elements of your device). Dr. Brodie told me to contact him or his chief resident by phone if I encounter any resistance in connectiion with an upcoming MRI, and any future ones I may need, and he will make sure I get the MRI given I am within the technical guidelines.

    I hope this helps someone here. Even if you have less specific issues than me, if you are located where you can get to Sacramento, Dr. Brodie and his staff can assist you in diagnosing and, to the extent possible, treating your Meniere's disease and its symptoms.
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