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My Update: 3 Years Symtpoms Free On Acyclovir

  • Jan 27th 2013 was 3 years I started acyclovir and Jan 25th 2013 was my last vertigo attack from Meniere's, so far.

    Its still a miracle to me. I do still have slight tinnitus, and do need to increase my dose now and then. But what a difference these 3 years has made in my life. The burden of constantly fearing I will get an attack every time I go out or have a future event or party to attend is almost a memory.

    Certain things do remind me I still have Meniere's and that is when my fear comes back, but I take another dose and within the hour I feel completely balanced again and my worries dissipate.

    I consider myself extremely lucky that acyclovir works so well for me after having the disease for 50 years. I wish it worked as well for us all.
    I hope everyone finds their way of getting symptoms relief in this New Year and better yet they find a cure and not just symptom suppression, for all.
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